So...what's next for WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by alexb, Dec 15, 2015.

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    There's no doubt that this was a really fun couple of days for all us WWE fans, starting from the TLC PPV and moving all the way to Monday Night RAW the following night. We witnessed some great matches, totally sick spots (I'm still going holly shit on what Kalisto pulled off with one of the Uso's), Vince returning to Monday Night RAW after over almost a year and to top it all up, Reigns being crowned the new WWE champion. We all knew it was going to happen and it didn't of course come as a shock but I guess the suprising thing about it is that they decided to speed up things and give Reigns the belt a bit sooner then expected; I for one thought the Royal Rumble was going to the be night but anyway...

    So...what's next? Does Vince showing up mean that we'll get to see him at a more regular basis as this storyline unfolds? I mean, one would assume so since he too eventually found himself on the other end of a Superman punch. That can't go without notice, could it?

    As far as Roman is concerned, my first guess is that Shaemus will get his rematch at the Royal Rumble and of course lose so taking it a step further, does Roman defend his title at the main event of Mania against the winner of the Royal Rumble or is all this "Stephanie slapping" and "your whole family is a disgrace" just adding to the setup of a Reigns vs HHH? It's got me a bit baffled to be honest and I am actually toying on a rather twisted idea: what if HHH decided to enter the Rumble, win it and be the new contender? Yeah, I know, it's far fetched and I'm probably overthinking things but thought I'd just throw it out there. IF - and that's really a big if - they indeed are working on Reigns vs HHH match at Mania, this would be one twisted way to set it up though, wouldn't you agree?

    On the other hand, if the idea is for a Brock vs Roman part 2, I'm down with that as well and though the outcome of the Rumble will be very predictable, I think we could all consider it acceptable.

    Other then that, I think it's pretty obvious that Ambrose is going to stick with the IC title for a long run, as is the case for Charlotte.

    As for the US title? Well, the obvious and expected idea is to have Cena return (which he will do very soon) and win it right back. My rather unexpected idea? Have Kurt Angle make a suprise return and challenge for it instead? Yep, me still dreaming but come to think of it, a developement of such sort would free up Cena if they indeed are planning a Cena vs Undertaker for Mania.

    Last but not least, the TAG team division. Now, it seems like everyone kind of scratched their head with their latest promo and though it definetely wasn't their best one it got me thinking and what actually got me thinking are Wood's comments and how the tag team division reached a new level. Now granted, he made a fair point and there is no doubt that their match at TLC was one of the best ever but on the other hand it almost sounded like sacrilege towards some tag teams of the past that also made history in ladder matches.

    Now, before you say anything I know this is perhaps wishful thinking but here's a thought for Mania 32: how about the same lineup go at it again, for the titles, in another ladder, only this time add...the Hardy's in the mix?

    I think this is enough food for thought for now and I know that some of my ideas are probably too twisted and/or complicated but, hey, unlike WWE creative these days, at least I am making an effort to think...

    Cheers :emoji_wink:

    P.S.: By the way, I am still calling for Austin vs Sheamus at Mania, if Austin would indeed come back for one more ass whipping. 5:15 vs 3:16. If the Irish love to fight, so does the Rattlesnake and though I understand that Sheamus may not be the biggest name Austin can face, I feel he could be a good candidate for Austin to work with.
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  2. My guess is that HHH will be gone till the royal rumble. Sheamus and Roman will have their rematch that night but there will be a surprise entry via HHH into the rumble and he will win. Roman will retain and they will go on to have an epic match for wrestle mania.
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  3. There are a lot of scenarios that could wind up happening.

    I think the one that's most likely to happen is this:
    Sheamus invokes his rematch clause and faces Reigns at the Rumble and loses, of course. While in the ME, either Bork wins or a surprise return (DB or Rollins, but that's just wishful thinking)

    I can see another scenario happening and that is Reigns getting stripped of the title for punching Vince. Although, it wouldn't be surprise me if VKM came out and said "You can keep the title, Roman. But, you're gonna have to defend it in the Rumble match itself, you son of a bitch!" and when Reigns retains, there are various screwjobs they can do.
    i.e. HHH introduces himself as the 31st entrant and screws Reigns out of WWE-WHC yet again. I'm not sure that's the brightest idea, but it's definitely something they'd go for.

    I'm fine with Reigns vs Bork II, as well.

    As far as the US title goes... They've made it clear in this past year they don't want Kurt back. However, Kurt said he'd love to work WM 33, so who knows. We may see him then.

    I think at this point, Cena could win it back from ADR and keep it warm for Sami Zayn (or some other NXT talent that's about to be called up) to win it at WM, unless the plan is to have Cena vs Taker at next year's Mania.

    I'm fine with The Hardyz coming back and competing for tag titles.

    SCSA vs Sheamus ain't happening. I just know it. I'd rather see Austin vs Bork, to be honest, but I'm worried about Austin's neck. So, I guess Austin will just host next year's Mania and not wrestle, because he's better off that way.
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  4. Who knows?

    WWE are seemingly unable to book long term. So it's always a surprise to see where they are heading (I guess)
  5. I say Sheamus and Reigns feud subsides before Rumble and Roman will feud with Bray Wyatt for the WWE title, Wyatts can join the authority as the people who "do their dirty work". Owens should be the one to face Lesnar at mania, Lesnar and Owens both enter the rumble, eliminate each other, major brawl erupts, there ya go. League of Nations should remain a unit too and get strong some other way. Ambrose can feud with Sheamus? I thought of a way to elevate the Swagger and Del Rio feud if it continues, then to rebuild Barrett up the card again if he's healthy. There is no telling of Cena yet so I can't factor him in to anything. Then one my interesting thoughts were Ryback vs. Rhyno.
  6. My opening post in this thread was mostly a look at the near future up until Wrestlemania regarding the storylines that may follow and to be honest, I was actually surprised amongst others to see how appealing my thought was as far as Triple H being the winner of the upcoming Royal Rumble. I mean, I actually called it myself a rather twisted idea but all of a sudden I see that idea coming up in several rumor talks so, who knows, we may actually be on to something…

    Anyway, this time I’d like to get a bit more specific and have a look at the very nearest future, that being of course the upcoming RAW this Monday where lies the million dollar question: what is WWE going to do regarding the Roman Reigns situation? I mean, yeah, he won it fair and square but can attacking the chairman himself of WWE (just one night after attacking HHH no less) just go by unnoticed? We all know the bigger picture. We all know that Roman was being pushed and it took a whole lot of effort (aside from mediocre booking in the process) to finally get him over, win the title and not get booed for it. At last, this past Monday night, Reigns had the fans behind him and him winning the belt was accepted and welcome. Mission accomplished, right? No need for WWE to screw this up, right?

    Well, as noted above, there is still the issue of the attacks on HHH and Vince so we can’t just move on as if nothing ever happened, can we? These incidents obviously cannot stay unanswered so…

    …heading into this Monday, my prediction is that Roman Reigns will get stripped of the title as part of the greater plan. Yes, he’s over now and accepted by the fans as champion but why not go, say, full throttle over. Why not give Roman the final big push and have the entire WWE universe behind him, no ifs and buts, no questions asked.

    How could this play down? Triple H no shows once more selling the injuries (and I would go as far as saying he no shows till the surprise entrance at the Rumble) and Vince is the one (of course) that calls Reigns to the ring and make the announcement. Now, being the…fair man that he is, Vince will give Roman Reigns another opportunity, at the Rumble, either in another singles match against Sheamus or, perhaps better yet, in a fatal 4-way with the entire League of Nations. Stack em all, shall we? Make it seem impossible till the Rumble comes around and what seems as impossible becomes possible. Just play the classic “referee gets knocked out by accident shenanigans” and, say, Ambrose comes out in the aid of his friend Roman. Out goes Rusev, out goes Barret (maybe with the use of some chairs or the IC belt as a weapon), dirty deeds to ADR, one more to Sheamus, ref regains consciousness, spear on Sheamus, 1,2,3, here’s your winner, against all odds, Roman Reigns. Yey, he did it again, celebration, etc, in your face Macmahons….

    And then came the Rumble….Various feuds can be set up here (totally agree with KO eliminating Brock in order to set up a match for Mania) but most importantly...who’s it gonna be Cole? Who’s number 30? K can't wait, says the King. Dingggggg...Oh no, it can't be (typical Cole reaction)’s all about the game and how you play it…HHH of course wins and there is your set up for Reigns vs HHH at Mania…

    There you have it. Is my imagination just running wild or perhaps too wild? Maybe but either way, Monday is just around the corner so we shall find out soon enough…

    P.S.: Pretty safe bet regarding the Royal Rumble: triple threat match for the IC title with Ambrose vs Owens vs Ziggler…
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