So whats the deal with Maddox?

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  1. Missed when he first showed up in WWE. Was he a wrestler once upon a time? Got perma-injured somehow? If so, why did he get the GM spot? He just seems like a huge weasel, which is a good fit for the position I suppose.
  2. Brought as a ref first to the main roster. Then he screwed Ryback at HIAC 2012 (cost him the title vs Punk), then I think he was fired over it and had a chance to wrestle a couple of matches to get his job back if he won (which he didn't). Then iirc he just started jumping the barricade to get into commentary, and somehow became Vickie's assitant. When Vickie was fired as Raw GM earlier this year Vince gave him the job. He can still wrestle though, I'm quite sure, they just prefer having him in this role.
  3. Yeah I saw him get the position as RAW GM, just wasn't sure his story before that. He must know someone up high real well. I saw him "wrestle" Debiase at a house show this summer so thats why I was wondering. Thanks for the info.
  4. No problem.
  5. He's a long time employee and he's a better character than wrestler. He'll work as a modern day Bischoff me thinks.
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  6. Any idea how long and in what capacity? The ref thing? I'm just curious.
  7. He's been on the WWE payroll since 2007. 2007-2012 spent in developmental. Then he debuted as a ref in 2012. I am sure he will either be a manager, authority figure/stooge or commentator for the rest of his career.
  8. He was a wrestler in FCW, he was FCW tag champs with Briley Pierce and Rick Victor on 2 separate occasions. He was brought up to the main roster as a referee, and eventually screwed over Ryback at HITC last year.
  9. I can answer this as I was the first person to support Brad and say he would be the future of the company and I was right he is now the GM of Raw and in the spotlight I told you all he would be a star
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