So when are we getting the new GM...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. When Vince appointed Vickie, he was pretty eager to point out that she is not the GM, but a managing supervisor or some other ridiculous title. This has been months now, and Vickie seems so irrelevant, as she's not involved in anything in paritcular. Where is the new GM? Who would you guys want to be the new GM? Do you even want a GM?

  2. Not really. I kinda dislike this whole GM thing to begin with, but there's always some special power. Like Linda gave Stone Cold some power back when Vince joined the CMOD, and when Shawn got some other higher power. I forgot the names they were given, but it was power, much like the GM position is. If they do decide to add one though, the only few I would want are Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Iron Shiek(yes I know it's very unlikely), or a heel HHH.

    Ric Flair because he's great on the mic. He's energetic and can still sell hits and we are used to him in a suit, so why not have him as a GM. Mick Foley because he's a good babyface. He can take plenty of bumps and is loved by the crowd and has good mic skills. Iron Sheik because he is golden on the mic. Yes Sheik is very very very unlikely, but I would mark so hard if he starts making wrestlers humble. A heel HHH because look at his time in Evolution, and in the Helmsey/McMahon era. He was a tremendous, who ruled with an iron fist. I believe he could rule even harder if he gained control of Raw and can make it very very entertaining. I can see him in a massive feud with Cena, and I think they can make it great, since HHH is a hard head and could possibly make a young heel star go over Cena.

    Of course I still wouldn't mind if they got rid of it altogether. It seems annoying to have the General Manager gimmick and whatnot.
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  3. Hahaha Sheik as GM, that'd be golden. But I guess they wouldn't do it because they'd have to censor 50% of what he says, at the very very least.

    But it's true, it feels weird for Vickie to still be around. I suppose they have nothing else for her to do and that they had plans for another GM before but they were dropped so they just kept her. I wouldn't mind People Power coming back though.
  4. No one has stuck out to me in the storyline as being the next GM. As you said earlier, Vickie has become so irrelevant and hasn't be involved in any major storylines since the AJ/Cena disaster angle. Even the angle with Brad Maddox has fizzled out and become lackluster. It's like Booker T has been more of a manager as of late on Raw than Vickie has. If anything, I suppose Booker T would become the GM of Raw and Smackdown after some major mistake Vickie makes.
  5. No one really been that obvious to take the role as of yet. I think I would enjoy the computer coming back for a bit maybe but I am not sure.
  6. I'm with Farrooq I find the whole GM thing boring now. The two we have now hardly do anything or have any screen time. So I don't really see the point in replacing Vicki unless it's for a heel HHH.
  7. Who cares, just have a representative of the Board....
  8. We haven't had a General Manager since Laurinatis and even so i wouldnt really call it that. I mean the last and best GM Raw had was Eric Bishoff. After that there was nothing but a line up of failures, I wasn't to high on Bishoff either, but he was the best GM IMO.
  9. Vickie may be called the Interim General Manager but she is pretty much just the normal GM. They can call her what they want, but that's what she is. Just another person filling in the role until they get sick of her and/or find someone better to do the job.

    When it comes time to replace her, I want a brand new GM altogether though, which means no Foley or Flair. Foley was Commissioner in 2000 and Flair half owner of the company in 2002.
  10. It made me wonder, if we get someone who hasn't had power before, why not Zeb Colter? I think it would be pretty funny and it might work to have him be the power GM. Have him keep JBL(who will admire Zeb) at commentary, even going to as far as publicly removing the Spanish announcers and replacing them with Americans, or just removing the table and announcers altogether, forming an American stable(possibly with JBL as a manager instead of commentary), and just other stuff to try and Americanize WWE, to seem like a iron fist rule. Of course I doubt it would happen, but it would humor me if it did. #Murrica
  11. Booker and Teddy are making the GM role imo, they're in every Raw episode. I don't really want a GM, it's something I preferred the anonymous GM tbh
  12. I think they're going to wait way too long hyping it and then it'll turn out to be total BS. Unless it's Brad Maddox, then it's okay.
  13. Well with Dusty Rhodes being GM of NXT and Foley being GM of SMS, Maybe we will get another legend?
  14. regal for smack down GM
  15. To me it seems like a moot point. They haven't had a GM in this long, so why bother having one now? To me it's pointless.
  17. Personally going off Foley from SMS I think they should give him the nod in the coming months and then have a more suitable kid friendly GM for SMS
  18. :woo1:<----This guy can be GM
  19. Yah, I really don't care about the GM thing. Would be awesome if John Laurentiis came back and took his spot.
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