So when Daniel Bryan wins the title...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Assuming he does, do you think he'll get a decent reign? What feuds would you want to see? Would you be okay if he loses it shortly after, or will you continue to whine?

    Personally I think he'll get 2-3 months and then go back to the mid/upper card like this angle never happen. Starting to wonder if there's even anything to even be excited about... :hmm:
  2. During his first proper reign I want him to play the underdog character, instead of this angry, anti-establisment figure he currently is. To have Bryan overcome the odds against bigger heel monsters, I'd book him in feuds against Lesnar, Batista, Rusev, Henry, etc.

    It would be funny to see him break Punk 434 day record, which could happen if they are properly angry with Punk and the reign starts well. But, it won't because there are so many people who could have title runs now as opposed to 2011/2012.
  3. Depends on when he wins it. Batista's contract says he's promised to win the belt at Mania, so unless they reason with Batista and manage to convince him to be OK with Bryan getting the title instead (don't see that happening), then it's gonna be a little while longer before Bryan gets the strap.

    When he does win it, I just want him to have at least a 5-6 month reign as champion and be booked as a traditional underdog champion who always perseveres no matter what kind of odds he's up against. Book a big rematch against John Cena. Maybe have one of (by then, ex-) Shield members - I'm thinking Rollins or Ambrose - challenge him for the title and lose. Titus O'Neal is currently getting a singles push, so have him challenge Bryan (not that I'm dying to see that one, but it's a possibility.) When Batista returns after his hiatus, he could return as a heel and challenge (and put over) Bryan as well. Also book a triple threat or a fatal-four way match just to stack the odds against Bryan even more since the champion doesn't have to be pinned in those match types to lose the title.

    No idea on who I'd want to end his reign, though (definitely not Reigns... he should beat someone the caliber of John Cena or even Batista to win his first championship.)
  4. At this point I would venture to guess no? I just don't think WWE ever plan on him being "the guy", but they did give Punk that random god awful reign so who knows.

    Leave the heavy lifting to studs like Randal Keith Orton
  5. :yes:
    Fuck you deth, you whine.
  6. oh, and obviously DZ should end his reign when he cashes in HIS MITB BRIEFCASE AGAIN!!!!



  7. Yah i do what's your point
  8. i dunno
  9. not the the type of whine-o I expect from day go
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