So, when is he returning?

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  1. Mark Henry wasn't at Raw 1000... Predictions?
  2. So, when is Mark Henry returning?

    Maybe Jericho will get a world title shot, win barely and then Mark Henry will come out and beat up Sheamus and take him backstage, then Ziggler cahse sin MITB. Mark Henry or those big destructive guys always make surprise comebacks at MITB situations.
  3. Mark isn't returning anytime soon ................................when he does so he may return on SD
  4. when he stop being as fat
  5. After the Olympics. He is WWE press rep in London during them.
  6. if he not return to heavyweight title then feud with miz! later this year!!
  7. After he slims down to his target weight he'll probably return on SD.
  8. Hope he returns and takes the title off Sheamus.

    anyone else think they wouldnt let ziggler go over sheamus? ;o
  9. They shouldn't let Ziggler go over Sheamus... after being his personal bitch for months cashing in on Sheamus would really establish Ziggler as a complete fluke.
  10. ^ :true: who do you think he should go over.
  11. Y2J beats Sheamus after Ziggler insults him for months. Then as Jericho holds up the title, and celebrates, Mark Henry comes out and destroys Jericho for a few minutes. Then as Henry leaves, Ziggler comes out, cashes it in, and beats Jericho.
  12. I dont want ziggler to win the title in a cheap way :/
  13. He's going to with that briefcase.
  14. he need respectable victory!!!
  15. :haha: Not happening. This is WWE creative we're talking about.
  16. My personal scenario would be to transition it over to Rey in a triple threat match at Summerslam (to add someone to the match the crowd cares about, so Sheamus doesn't have to do much work, and the story's already set up) then give Sheamus his rematch in a Rey/Sheamus/Bryan (just to throw in a random heel and keep Bryan relevant) match.

    After a long match, Sheamus loses his cool and tries to powerbomb Rey on the floor. Rey reverses into a hurricanrana on Sheamus that slings him into the barricade. Rey runs into the ring, works with Bryan for a little while and sets up Bryan for the 619. He does the little call and runs for the ropes just to walk into a Winds of Change from a returning Wade Barrett. Ref calls for the DQ. Sheamus gets up, but Ziggler runs out of the crowd and Zig-Zag's him as Barret's hitting Wasteland on Rey, Vickie runs in and holds down Bryan long enough for Dolph to cash in and pin Rey.

    Dolph's and I: RAWR WHY DID HE NEED VICKIE'S HELP!? Rational people: Awesome, they made two new heel stars AND Dolph dealt with Sheamus on his own AND screwed him out of his rematch!

    Barrett's reasoning is that Rey's past his prime and should be knocked aside in favor of guys like him and Ziggler, simple enough.
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  17. :gusta:

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