So when....(Spoilers)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RoyalRaven, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. The lights went off, who else was expecting Undertaker to be in the ring :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:?
  2. Haha yeah, I thought it was taker for a second. Ambrose and Rollins got up the ladder pretty fucking quick, I marked a bit when I saw them attacking Ryback up there.
  3. I'll admit I thought it was Undertaker.
  4. I thought it was Taker for sure. Was actually pretty upset when it was The Shield.
  5. I actually thought it was Y2J. I was shouting Y2J but it turned out to be The Shield.
  7. I was ready to scream like a 16 year old girl. All I needed was that gong and it would have been over with for my lungs.
  8. I really would loved to have seen Taker come in and Choke Slam Ryback. Then just leave and Punk retains that way, now it's looking more like Shield/Punk are working together D:
  9. would have been epic if he was on the ladder
  10. First thought was Y2J, a feud with Ryback could really put him over the top. Shield made more sense though kayfabe wise.
  11. I also thought it was Taker, the image of Ryback Shell Shocking Taker at WM flashed before my eyes when it happened. Then the stream froze and Ryback was laid out when it came back.
  12. Xanth actually said to me on the mic "Oh shit Undertaker", I was like "lolwhat no".
  13. It should have been done differently simply for the idea that when that effect happens, everybody automatically thinks Taker is coming. Its unlike anything else in the business outside of maybe Kane's pyro. Was actually disappointed when i saw it was just the shield.

    Would have liked for taker to show up, grab the title belt, have the lights go off again and him disappear with the title. Have punk cry about his title being stolen, until punk comes back with a new belt.

    Then have taker stay missing until rock wins the title from punk at rumble, have taker show up with the old title on fire, say nothing, drop the belt on the floor and disappear again. Don't really know why i want that.... Just want taker to be somewhat like the bad ass mysterious dead man he used to be.

    ~Three Said That~
  14. Best part of that is the stupid spinner belt being destroyed.
  15. I thought it was Rock. I was really one track minded last night though. I was only watching for Rock lol
  16. Thought it was Y2J
  17. Re: RE: So when....(Spoilers)

    Yeah, that was my main goal. Getting rid of that thing. But honestly, seeing how the rock just threw it out of the ring like a piece of trash at the end of raw seems like he could be the one to change it, which would be awesome in my eyes. He didn't hold it up or pose with it or nothing. Which was great.

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