So when will Sandow cash in then?

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  1. So when will Sandow cash in then? we had the whole Randy cash in but no build up is happening for Sandow to cash in seriously dont fucking tell me there gonna make Sandow wait all year like they did with Dolph. Im still pissed off they screwed over Dolph on his title reign I really think there gonna do the same to Sandow the world heavyweight title doesnt seem to be as good as the WWE title from how there pushing that title on whoever has it. It fucking sucks I remember back in the day when that world heayweight title meant something now fast forward to 2013 it means fuck all.
  2. He has a year to cash it in so be patient. There's no need for him to cash it in now and fail.
  3. - Sees title
    - Thinks HQ post on Sandow
    - Sees Ziggler/WWE rant

    Anyone like Dominos Pizza? I enjoy it but its overpriced.
  4. Sandow is gonna fail as champion since all HHH cares about is Randy Orton as WWE champion
  5. -ADR beats up Ricardo who goes with RVD
    -People expect Ricardo to screw over RVD to go back to ADR
    -RVD wins the belt in a hard-fought match
    -Damien cashes in and Ricardo screws over RVD to give Sandow the belt

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  6. Makes a thread to stimulate wrestling discussion on a wrestling forum. Gets mocked for changing her opinion on a wrestler, which she stated over a year ago. Awesome!
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  8. My opinion on Cm Punk has changed. One year ago, I would have said that he was my second fave wrestler. Now, he's not in my top 5. Same with Dean Ambrose.

  9. Yeah, I regularly change my mind on people due to gimmick changes and how they're booked etc. I wasn't criticising the OP.
  10. Well, Sandow hasn't changed a single bit so if you didn't like him at first then I don't see how you can like him today.
  11. Just has a feeling Damien Sandow is a free puppet at the moment, seeing his former tag team partner and his rival is fired, and lost his opportunity as his brother, Goldust also lost. Their should be a twist, I mean Rob Van Dam beat's Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow's entrance comes on, he runs to the ring, get's Rob Van Dam down and Ricardo Rodriguez smashes a bucket on him as he goes for the pin.

  12. lol. A number of things have happened in the last year that could change someone's opinion of Sandow.

    -No longer a in a tag-team /split from Rhodes
    -Enjoy watching him as singles competitor
    -Given much more exposure to cut promos now
    -New moves
    -Trolling Sheamus
    -Winning the MITB match
    -Diving into Gulf of Mexico
    -His chocolate bar briefcase
    -Feud with Rhodes/match at SS

    That's just a random list of Sandow-related events from the past year that could make someone begin to like him when they previously didn't.
  13. I was just talking gimmick wise, which is the only thing that BLFFL seems to care about in wrestlers these days.
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  14. I have no idea why you're defending her here. Yeah, she can have her own opinions, but it isn't an educated one. She forms an opinion on a wrestler solely on physical appearance. She gives no shits about anything else. If she likes them physically, she digs into more about them and then makes ridiculous claims that they will be the money-makers in the business, simultaneously never backing up her claims.

    "lol shield will be fired in a week"
    "lol shield are pussies"
    "lol shield are just a 15 flash in the pan"

    She provides no solid evidence and/or solid points behind her logic. I personally know some Shield haters, and I've engaged in many debates with them. I know what intelligent debate sounds like about The Shield. Nothing she ever says even remotely sounds like it. And when people question her opinion, she either never replies or keeps saying the same shit over and over again. So, sorry if I don't want to spend my time trying to reason with a blonde wall. Just saying, but I've had healthier debates with Gohan.
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  15. Lets be honest, this post is completely pointless. As is this thread being open.

    We all know BLFFL will continue to spout her flippin shitey, unwanted, misguided opinion, so why even bother bringing logic into the arguement.
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