So... where does R-Truth go from here?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Kofi and Truth held the tag titles for quite some time, but lost them recently. The team broke up "behind the scenes" so to speak, without any on-screen explanation (iirc). Kofi is now the IC champ. What about Truth? We were all expecting him to turn on Kofi to break the tag team up but that didn't happen. He's still a face with that horrible Little Jimmy character, with nothing to do on the roster, apparently lost on the shuffle. What do you think he'll do from now on? What would you do with him if you were the booker, would turn him on Kofi so they could feud for the IC, or what? Discuss.
  2. Heard that R-Truth and Brodus are now gonna be tag team partners. Vince apparently likes both of them being together.

    I'd definitely want to make R-truth heel again and turn on Kofi. That would be the best way to end their tag team instead of letting them go separate ways.
  3. Yeah, I agree. Since they didn't turn them to end the tag team, it'd be nice if Kofi defended the title against Truth (after his feud with Miz is over) in a hard fought long match, where Kofi wins with a controversial roll up like in this match, and after the match ends same thing, apparently Truth shakes hands with Kofi and such but then he snaps and beats the crap out of Kingston, bam.
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  4. The Lil' Jimmy hitting puberty line was probabaly a hint that R-Truth will turn heel soon, which is what he needs to be. His face roles are all uncle tom roles.
  5. Unemployment line.
  6. That's another good way to start feud with Truth/Kofi and Truth turning heel.
  7. Wait... Kofi and R-Truth broke..... up????!!! :upset:
    First it was Airboom breaking up and now them?!?! :bury:
    I hope this Brodus Clay and R-Truth stay longer..
  8. God that sounds disgusting. Truth should have turned heel and feuded with Kofi.
  9. Brodus and Truth possibly being a tag team makes me angry, that's so stupid. I guess we cann call that Team House Negros
  10. Face R-Truth and Brodus Clay as a tag-team need to be called Team PG.
  11. Team funkajimmy for the win!
  12. Funk no.
  13. R-Truth and Brodus as a face tag team for awhile. They can dance and job and be all happy and shit. Then later they can just get tired of the shit and turn heel. Heel R-Truth and Heel Brodus Clay would make for a hell of a tag team.
  14. Not a bad idea :vince:
  15. Truth needs a heel turn. He was so good.

    Really would love to see the agressive Truth back in heel-mode.
  16. he will get the Random Matches or start a rivalry
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