So where is The Shield going?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by leojay, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Ever since the TLC match, they've been stuck in one place. Doing the same stuff every week with no real progression. Are they merely filler for Ryback until WM? Or do they have a bigger plan for them?

    What would you do with them?
  2. I'd keep this feud going as it is, have them go over the super giants at Wrestlemania and then have Ambrose get way too cocky/controlling, so he can split from the group as the main heel.
  3. At this point Nexus > Shield as far as importance. I do think the Shield to some capacity will be Ryback's feud up until Wrestlemania. It's too early for them to break up and Ryback won't be chasing the title, nor Punk. The Shield would be a good rivalry for Ryback for the next couple of months leading up to mania.
  4. Keep this feud with Ryback going but flesh out the characters/group more. Give them some depth, more promos/video packages, some wins, maybe attack other wrestlers than Ryback and Orton. But keep the feud with Ryback going until mania, then split Ambrose off into the upper mid card where he can start sniffing at the main event until he is ready. Turn Rollins face (that's how they should split with Ambrose vs Rollins) so Rollins can go into the mid card-upper mid card where he can compete for the IC title/US title and mature some more before he goes up the card to the upper mid card main event sniffing position I see for him. Reigns needs to stay a heel and mature more in ring and I believe feuding with some veterans like Christian could help him in that regard, ala Mr. Kennedy.
  5. Ive told you all there going nowhere
  6. This woman is delusional.
  7. I could see them losing at WM for the first time in a 6-man match, and then after a while breaking up with Rollins vs Ambrose.
  8. They just need to close a show again, it's be a few weeks since they have last done so. Obviously they are gonna get overshadowed by Punk/Rock on Raw and Del Rio on SD at the moment, they're fine as they are - just more Ambrose mic time is all that's missing.
  9. Give them some mic time and I might just get interested.
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