So where was Chyna???

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  1. So where was Chyna??? she was part of DX the only memeber missing. But obviously with the way shes been acting lately with her crazy behaviour no wonder they didnt invite her to be part of the segment can you imagine if she appeared and made a total fool of herself and went off script it would be car crash tv
  2. Seems like you answered your own question lol, plus having a porn star would hardly have helped their PG image.
  3. Oh yeah forgot she did porn well thats hardly PG the parents would be getting their kids out of the arena to stop them from finding out who she really is
  4. She's batshit crazy. She tweeted how Vince and HHH want to "assassinate" her lmao.
  5. She was busy getting some holes filled somewhere......

  6. Yeah, that's what I was going to say.
  7. Off shaving Ryan's privates!!!!



    Getting a long awaited push..... And thrust..... And shove..... And.... Kk I'm done

  8. :haha: That bitch.
  9. She was busy getting her drunken ass banged at a pool party full of sleazes and ho's
  10. I read she was passed out at another porn convention somewhere.
  11. Probably making porn
  12. Wait, she went into the Porn industry?
  13. Sadly yes, she's the only woman with a mangina so I'm guessing that's her selling point.
  14. Payday for mark. :eww:
  15. Wonder what name she goes by, might have seen a video or two :haha:
  16. She usually uses the name "Crayo"
  17. Ahh so that's where Crayo got his name from, his love for Chyna.. If I recall, was Chyna a bit 'butch'
  18. Chyna is Crayo and Crayo is Chyna. It's the ultimate swerve, he's been trying to entice Savage to star in a video.
  19. Takin' some botox shots..
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