So, where were the old guys?

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  1. Apart from Flair there wasn't anybody.. Not even HHH..

    Thought there would be some to spice the show up a little.. Austin and HBK were hunting, but are there reports on others?
  2. I know Arn Anderson and Finaly were there, they were helping to hold back CM Punk and The Rock.
  3. True, saw that.. But that was it..
  4. :pity1: Guess they didn't want to celebrate it with legends that much
  5. WWE decided to not use any legends apart from Flair and Foley because they couldn't get Shawn and Austin. Because they figured it could be seen as selling them short if they got other legends in Austin Texas instead of natives like Shawn and Austin.
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    That plus wwe felt it would have created heat for hbk and Austin for not being there when others were

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  7. Funny becuase WWE showed a whole bunch of legends in the promo for this and then no one showed up aside from Flair. :sad1:
  8. Flair, Rock and Foley.
    That was pretty much it.
  9. At the real party backstage with vince :true:
  10. They're in TNA. :tyson:
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. I only noticed near the end that guys like Austin were missing. It was a solid enough show that they weren't needed.
  13. It was better that the special appearances were kept to a minimum. Guest filled shows tend to be poorly written because you're introducing a bunch of old characters into the new continuity, and you also don't need to put forth any effort in the writing since you have nostalgia to use a crutch. Like the 1000th Raw, pretty much everyone's appearance was utterly pointless, other then to be there to get a pop. Whereas this show, had storyline progression and conclusions; and the legends that were there were integrated much better and, in my opinion, felt more special as they were surrounded by a hundred other one-night returners.
  14. Bet Bob Backlund was doing some exercise. :obama:
  15. Where they should be in a retirement home, Old guys should never appear unless they're offering something to the product. Too many were rumoured to be appearing for it to be anything but a nostalgia fest.
  16. Playing chess backstage fo sho..:cornette:
  17. :sad: I meant pumping some iron or doing some cardio.
  18. Backlund gets ripped by playing chess. :tough:
  19. :obama: Now that's what I'm talking about.
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