So who does the WWE Champ feud with?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Okay here's your Tapatalk crap since this is a spoiler thread, and-a-here-we-go...

    With Cena dispatching Henry in decisive fashion :emoji_slight_frown:, there's nobody on the heel side who's a compelling opponent for Cena... guys like Ambrose could be with the right build, but not right now. There's a few solution to rectify this problem, which of them do you think they'll choose?

    -Will they hot-shot Bray Wyatt to the title picture? Or will they build him slowly?
    -Will they do that god-awful triple threat with Henry and Ryback that was reported before? -_-
    -Will Orton win the belt before Summerslam?
    -Will someone (Orton?) turn heel and give Cena some opposition that way?
    -Will WWE have the cajones to do a face vs face feud?
    -Will us fantasy bookers live our dream and see the "top guy" Cena vs the "up and comer" Bryan? If so, will they do it right?

  2. Another month of Henry, probably.
  3. Cajones lol go to google translate and check it :haha:
  4. Pleases I'm not the only one who thought it's stupid to have Henry lose clean in the first match.
  5. They have to go with Orton at this point. Should have been Bryan, however. This was the perfect opportunity to give him the belt and they appear to have fucked it up, again.
  6. Probably Mark Henry again. I could see Henry wanting another title shot and Cena telling Henry he'll only grant him one if he is willing to put his career on the line this time, to which Henry agrees. They started this whole feud off with Henry teasing a fake retirement anyway and I've had the feeling ever since that Henry would really call it a day by the end of it. This could be Cena's logic - that Henry wanted to manipulate the audience emotionally to get in a sneak attack on Cena to challenge for the belt the first time, so if he wants another shot, then promise to retire for real if he loses a second time. Pretty boring match last night, though.
  7. ~They'll probably give him a slow build
    ~One could only hope not
    ~Orton is just about the best choice to turn heel and face Cena
    ~I doubt it would happen any time soon. WWE would find a way to f it up
  8. Ryback (with Vickie) and Henry
  9. Hopefully Bryan.
  10. Ryback will win a lot of matches and I think they'll do the stupid triple threat match that Cena will win.
  11. Triple Threat actually seems likely at this point, sadly. Although if they have DB quickly destroy Axel on Raw, I could see them putting him vs Cena at Summerslam, who knows.
  12. anything but the triple threat scenario =(. I don't want Cena to go against either honestly
  13. Bryan. Almost sure we will know this tonight. If not....Henry again. But taping out? You serious?
  14. It's right now the most probable thing. Bryan didn't win the MITB briefcase and Henry will want some revenge. I don't think it's over with Henry so why not adding Rybotch to the equation?
  15. I wouldn't mind another match with Henry. After that Bryan could be a candidate though, or maybe even Orton with his MitB contract.
  16. I predicted Cena vs Orton vs Bryan at some point, not sure if it'll be now or after Summerslam.
  17. Considering Ryback just lost a world title feud against Cena as far back as last month, what is the logic of him getting a world title shot again so soon? "Hey, you haven't won a PPV match since your first one a year ago against some jobbers, but you beat Jericho by roll up last night, so you're ready to challenge for the world title again!"

    Nothing screams filler main event (Cena against two guys he just defeated in one on one matches) quite like that match would.
  18. ugh, that sucks =/. I had enough of Henry. but I thought WWE wouldn't let it end like that. too clean of an ending
  19. You're right. It really sucks but it'll only be one more match
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