Summerslam So, who is ADR facing at Summerslam?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Leo C, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Assuming that Ziggler stops feuding with ADR altogether or at least until Summerslam because he starts feuding with Big E/AJ only (and probably wrestles E at SS, but that's not the point), who would ADR feud with for the WHC? Simple question. Sheamus? Christian? RVD?
  2. From those three, I had enough of Sheamus as WHC/feuding with the WHC last year, but Christian or RVD sounds nice. From those two i'd probably take Christian.
    But it would also be nice to see Y2J as WHC again, even though it probably wont happen. I wonder when he'll go touring with Fozzy again?
  3. If RVD fights del Rio for the championship at SS I won't buy the PPV.
  4. RVD seems probable. I wouldn't have an issue with it either, as the match would be dope, and Del Rio is probably just in need of a filler opponent anyway until Ziggler possibly gets another match at NOC and wins the title back.
  5. If I had to guess from those I'd say RVD. Was hoping he'd enter a program with Axel and put the young guy over right away, could even see some stuff with Heyman there but I guess that can wait (if it does happen). Nice to see Jericho mentioned, but since RVD beat him clean on Raw it'd make more sense for Rob to challenge ADR if it was between them. Who knows though.
  6. Honestly wish it was Ziggler again as those matched are golden.

    Big E could've faced Mark Henry imo to keep Ziggles free.
  7. ADR vs Rhodes? Most likely adr christian, with 0 build.
  8. Rhodes has business with Sandow first, he'll be involved in the whc scene by the end of the year though I reckon.

    RVD is the best option. ADR carrying a lot of the work with RVD just having to worry about his spots works fine. Besides, getting the first victory over RVD is definitely worth something.
  9. RVD < Dogshit. I was posting the two matches id prefer, im just glad RVD isnt on impact anymore, i could give a fuck about him being on raw.

    Love you Albin.
  10. In my ideal world it would be Ziggler, but seems like WWE are going with the shitty route of the Big E fued. RVD will be a half decent filler fued, and it makes sense whilst he still has this initial momentum.

    I'd say it Aids, but you already know the feeling is mutual.
  11. If Dolph Ziggler suddenly stopped feuding with Alberto Del Rio, I think one of the smartest, I think a good option to have him feud with was Christian after all his shit is done with the Shield. Christian hasn't really done match since returning and I think he still has a few more years to go, I don't think it would be smart for him to win the title or anything, but get in some few title matches for him. Maybe even get Chris Jericho too, so he could help get Del Rio more over. I actually quite liked the few matches they've had on Raw before Money In The Bank.
  12. Talking about RVD, I thought that what if he could would have a somekind of mini-feud with Y2J, and they'd have a match in SS. Yeah i know this was kinda offtopic but i just kinda wanted to bring that option up.
  13. Triple threat match - ADR (c) v Ziggler v Big E, would be cool.
  14. Call me an optimist, but I'm hoping Ziggler can keep Big E/AJ as a side feud for the time being and he can go ahead and pick up the belt at SS from Del Rio before having his first successful defense against Big E in September.

    It seems like a long shot at this point, but it is obvious Ziggler is the best choice to be WHC at this point in time, and WWE has been doing the right thing lately, so let's just hope it happens. I'll cry TEARS if Ziggler just drops the ADR feud to focus on Big E. I'll post a fucking vine mash up of me crying/cutting myself.
  15. Can anyone tell me the logic of ADR keeping the belt and throwing Ziggler into the Big E feud? It is so. damn. stupid.

    not to mention Ziggler is going to wind up putting BIg E over because WWE hates me.
  16. I mean really. Think how amazing this card could be if they would give us ADR/Ziggler in a 2/3 falls match instead of ADR/Big Show (or RVD) and Ziggler jobbing to bIg E

    DB/Cena main event- sounds great
    Punk/Bork semi main- amazing
    ADR/Ziggler 2/3 falls- dope as shit
    Sandow/Rhodes- we all want to see it
    Ambrose/Christian- sure to deliver

    Easily the best card of the year on paper if they gave us all of those matches.
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  17. I think they'll add Kaitlyn v. AJ in there too
  18. Ricardo Rodriguez
  19. aka a pissbreak.
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