So who is dethroning the champ?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. With Bully Ray taking the TNA world title (finally) and revealing himself as the Aces and Eights leader (about six months too late) the question arises. Who will dethrone him and save the day?

    Will they take the predictable route of turning AJ Styles into the TNA version of Sting during his the Crow run? A lot of signs point to that with AJ leaving and refusing to help the company, similar to Sting did before returning with the face paint and bat.

    Or... Will they do something less predictable liking play on the old rivalry between Bully and Park and have Hogan and Sting train Park akin to Rocky Balboa over a couple of months time, to then have him dethrone Bully at BFG?

    Discuss, who will dethrone the bully?
  2. Hard to say. I'm hoping Magnus.
  3. Matt Morgan is who I'd like to be next champion, but I think Storm or Magnus is more likely.
  4. I think they might do the Sting thing and have Bully hold it until AJ is eligible to win it again.
  5. It's gotta be AJ imo, it's all building up to will he or won't he save his company. Here's hoping Bully has a long reign until styles saves the day. Either that or Hulk defends his daughters honor and picks it up brother.
  6. 4 options here:

    - AJ Styles
    - Matt Morgan
    - Magnus
    - Hulk Hogan (roflolz)

    I wish Magnus does it, but I'd have no problem whatsoever with AJ or MM doing it.
  7. H double himself, Jack.
  8. - Hulk Hogan for using him and screwing his daughter.
    - AJ Style's
    - Magnus, really hope so.
  9. The Hulkster brother. :hogan:
  10. Chavo! :troll:

    Viva la raza!
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