Summerslam So who steals the show?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Swing Car, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. Rusev vs. Zolph Diggler

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  2. Steen vs. Castagnoli

  3. Brock vs. Taker

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  4. Sheamus vs. Orton

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  5. The Stephen Amell shit

  6. Rollins vs. Cena

  1. I'm not putting that shit tag match on the list, nor am I putting that triple threat match that hurts me emotionally.

    I'm saying Cesaro/Owens is what steals the show.
  2. Cesaro vs KO, definitely. Rollins vs Cena might be a close second.
  3. ROH reunion.
  4. If both Cena vs Rollins and Owens vs Cesaro were given the same amount of time in the ring to "tear the house down", I'd bet on it being the latter. But since they won't be and Cena and Rollins' match will definitely be given more time to work their magic, it'll go with that one.

    Brock vs Taker will steal the show in terms of being the biggest spectacle, though.
  5. In this order:

    1. KO and cesaro
    2. Brock and taker
    3. Cena and Rollins

    The list above encompasses all things. I honestly feel that although the Brock and taker will be the main focus and seem to have the most fan involvement... Cesaro and KO will get the crowd more into SS and steal the show. They're that good at performing to have that perfect match.

    Cena and Rollins has a lot of potential because of the contrast of styles and Cena being a main event veteran, but I still say it'll be third on the card.
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  6. Whose this Castagnoli fella, does he even trane WWE?

    I'm going with Brock vs Taker ,they're building it into a spectacle. From a work rate POV its Cena vs Rollins.
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  7. I'm putting Rollins and Cena down just because Cena's matches ever since he won the US Title have been phenomenal. I'm more or less basing that on his quality of opponent, but they REALLY have been good so I don't see why they won't be here. Even though he hasn't displayed it much as champion, Seth Rollins can be a great performer when he wants to so this can be a great match.

    The other best option is Cesaro and Owens, which has the possibility of being a match of the year caliber match.
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  8. Not so much of a show-stealer, but I can definitely envision us discussing the IC title match afterwards as surprisingly good.
  9. I actually found myself strangely disappointed when the match was cancelled for Battleground. I really love the dynamic of the whole feud - two big brutes trying to prove who the alpha male is while an arrogant nuisance like The Miz (who even other heels can't stand) is caught in the middle of them. Will be funny if The Miz manages to steal a win here and walk out with the Intercontinental Title.
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  10. I love Miz and yeah I would like to see him have an IC title run again. I like this story...sorta, it isn't objectively good but since the show is such shit it stands out as something passable.
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