So whos going Over

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. who's going over Cena,Punk,Rock

    I want cena to win but i would love the rock as champ again :otunga:
  2. I would hate Rock as champion again. It's like coming back and taking a shit on the guys who put their hearts into working just for an opportunity. I would be fine with Cena but since I'm a Punk mark I'd love Punk over Rocky.
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  3. Cena most likely due to the failed cash! But I hope Punk as I still feel Cena is above the belt and doesn't need it to draw!
  4. I hope Punk... this awesome title reign is too good to piss away on Cena or Rocky.
  5. I want CM Punk to go over The Rock. It would be boring and dull to have another Cena reign, he had eleven reigns already, if he wants to be in the World Championship scene for a while fine, but just let CM Punk go over. Plus the longer CM Punk has the WWE Championship the more the prestige builds up. As for The Rock, remind why does he deserve it? How many matches has he been in for 5 years? I know that this is The Rock, the multiple time world champion, intercontinental, and tag team champion, but he earned those back then. Right now he just comes back and asks for a championship match and he gets it? No, he should start from the bottom again and work his way up, no one should be able to do that, as Asskicker said, it's just shitting on the guys who work hard to get there. At least if he wants that world championship match then he better work for it.
  6. Not according to the Power 25.
  7. I dont really take stock of that I mean in terms of the fans Cena doesn't need a belt to be relevant he's been at the top for so long everyone knows who he is including non wrestling fans.
  8. My grandma doesn't. I just asked her. :troll:
  9. WEAK even my grandma knows who Cena is :boss1:
  10. My grandma has never watched TV in her whole life besides the twin towers incident. :O
  11. :dafuq: We're talking about people who watch TV though
  12. He did say anyone. Anyone counts as everyone. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. Rock if he has a schedule on RAW weekly or at least 4x more often than bork. Otherwise. DB or Ziggler. Fuck cena, but most of all, fuck punk. Stale ass hypocrite. He is the heel cena some of you have been waiting so long for, and its still shit.
  14. The Rock won't do it. He'll be busy making to many movies instead of being in the ring full time. And I think Punk's character has improved, still would rather see CM Punk come out on top out of these three.
  15. I actually think Cena wins the title at Summerslam and carries it to the title defense against Rock at Royal Rumble, where Rock becomes Champion (I don't think he "deserves" it, but I do think it's what will happen). I also see Punk winning the Royal Rumble (the one big accomplishment he hasn't checked off). This sets up a Wrestlemania match between the Rock and Punk for the WWE Championship, which I think Punk will win. Of course, this is all predicated on the idea that Rocky will be at Wrestlemania.

    If no Rock at Mania, Cena retains against the Rock and we get Cena-Punk at Wrestlemania, which I still think Punk wins.

  16. I could see it happening. I think Punk will retain at Summerslam, carry the title until the Rumble and lose to Rock, which sets up Cena vs Rock at WM again where Cena goes over. Do I want to see it? Of course not. Will it happen? I think it could. You pointed out something interesting with Rock not being at WM, since I think there's movie crap for him that week I don't know if he'll make it, but I think he will. Not sure about it though.
  17. Punk will win and face Rock at RR. This whole summer storyline was apparently CM Punk turning "heel" so he has to still have the title.
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