So who's Kaitlyn's secret admirer?

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  1. Assuming that WWE doesn't just forget about this entire story in say two weeks. Who do you think will be revealed as Kaitlyn's secret admirer?

    It could be Cody, they did tease a romance angle between the two before the Bella's returned and it could be used as a way to turn Cody face and also set up Kaitlyn vs one of the Bella's down the road.
    Another possibility is Big E, to logically tie it into the AJ feud. Big E turns face by helping Kaitlyn or some noice like that.

    Who do you think it is?
  2. You really cared enough to make a thread?

    If we aren't getting a lesbian angle, who cares/
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  3. I like the idea of watching AJ as diva's champion that's why I don't think Big E is helping Kaitlyn, I think maybe Ryder is the secret admirer, that may push his career and fight for a midcard title or even the WWE title.
  4. Yeah, Emma would be great as the secret admirer.
  5. Should be Layla, she'd make a great lesbian. You telling me Layla/Kaitlyn lesbian segments wouldn't draw ratings?
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. :fap:
  8. Thought about Cody, yeah. Hope they follow that up. Hadn't though about Big E though, nice shout.
  9. I assume it's Cody Rhodes since they teased the pair in the past.
  10. Obviously Cody, ready for his face turn.
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  11. This is an interesting idea I found when browsing the web. Remember that Cody and Goldust are pushing for a match between the two? Let's say that the gifts for Kaitlyn keep getting creepier and creepier, the admirer becoming more of a stalker as time goes on. Cody starts comforting Kaitlyn and then boom! It is revealed that the stalker is Goldust. We get Cody's face turn and he gets his match with his brother. Then we can have Cody vs Damian and then Cody vs Dolph.
  12. It's me :boss1:
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    Naw but it seems like it's Cody, he's the only one who did that romance stuff with her.
  13. Just realised, it could be Big E.
  14. Kaitlyn wants the Big D
  15. A lot of guys don't like dating girls that are taller than them.

    I wonder if Kaitlyn would have a problem dating a guy with bigger tits than she has?
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  16. Big E is also likely, I described some idea why in my OP. And Dolph and AJ are kind of treating him like crap so it would be a bit logical for him to turn.
  17. A face Big E sounds shit. Someone like him needs to just be a tweener. Characters like Big E make me hate the good guy / bad guy philosophy that WWE has.
  18. DZ treating him like crap? How so
  19. Well, I remember marking out for Goldust stealing the Million Dollar Title in 2010 or something, that'd be awesome actually.
  20. If you listen to their banter in the backstage segment on RAW DZ and AJ downplay Big E's involvement a lot, Ziggler taking the credit for his henchmen cheating on his behalf (which any good heel with henchmen should). This can easily be spinned and furthered so that they start mistreating Big E, leading to a turn and a filler feud for Dolph when he is waiting for his next contender.
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