So, Who's On The Mt. Rushmore Of WCW And ECW?

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  1. Just recently, WWE released their version of Mt. Rushmore, with four prominent faces on it. From left to right, there is Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and John Cena. Personally, I felt Taker didn't belong. I know he's a huge legend and has the greatest gimmick and the greatest streak and his WWE career has lasted from the waning days of the Hulkamania era (which is the era that made the WWF into a national beast) all the way to now. But still, The Rock and Bruno Sammartino are objectively better picks for that fourth spot... The Rock for being neck in neck in every way with Austin during the Attitude Era, and Sammartino for being the "forefather of the WWE" and selling out Madsion Square Garden more times than anyone on earth.

    Anyway, that out of the way, the topic is, if WWE were to make a Mt. Rushmore of WCW, and to a less important degree, ECW, who would be the four faces to represent these respective companies?

    For WCW, anyone who knows anything about the company should instantly say Ric Flair and Sting. They're the two guys who are the franchise players, so to speak. As soon as you say Dubya-Cee-Dubya, you should automatically think of those two. Hulk Hogan would have to be the third. A guy who helped legitimize the company further, he gave them their first year in profit, their biggest PPV revenue ever, played a pivotal part in their huge two year run, gave them their two biggest matches (Hogan/Goldberg, Hogan/Sting) during that run, etc. So, he certainly deserve his spot. The fourth spot goes to who, Goldberg? Why not, because to this day, he's still a name that people recognize and was at one time (though a short period of time, which is completely on the company not knowing how to handle hot programs like Goldberg and the NWO, not him) on the level of Austin in 1998. People used to dream of Austin/Goldberg back then just as they did Hogan/Flair in the 80s.

    As for ECW, I admit that I haven't seen a whole lot of ECW. I know all about their rise (and fall) and how they came to be, I know all about Paul Heyman and the main players and some of the main feuds and have even seen a few of the matches. But when ECW was on television every week, I paid no attention to it and don't have a real desire to go back and do so because it's not my thing. That said, I think I know enough to say that two of the faces on their Mt. Rushmore will certainly be Tazz and RVD. Sabu is probably a third. But who is the fourth? Sandman? I'll need other opinions here.

    Anyway, if such a mountain were created in the image of WCW and ECW, that's how I'd see it. Opinions agreeing or disagreeing are welcome as always.
  2. WCW

    Sting - The Franchise player
    Flair - He is JCP / WCW IMO
    Hollywood Hogan - Without him WCW doesn't boom and have it's best day
    Goldberg - An odd choice to some I'm sure but he was possibly their brightest star ever during his run in 98.


    Heyman - Without him none of this happens, Vince should be on WWE's for similar reasons, same as Bisch up there maybe for Bill actually.
    Sandman - Whenever anyone mentions ECW I think of his smashing himself open with a beer can.
    Tommy Dreamer - The babyface of ECW, he emboddied the fighting spirit of the company with his bumps
    Shane Douglas - Throwing down the NWA title made this companies personality what it was
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  3. Agree on WCW.

    ECW it's hard to leave off Taz or Van Dam or Raven or Sabu.. ECW was just too amazing. I guess I would take off Heyman for Raven. Raven to me was the greatest and most entertaining thing about ECW, and he had two long runs with the belt in the heyday of ECW. I think his feuds with Dreamer and Sandman are probably two of the best feuds in wrestling/ECW history.
  4. RVD was never that big in oldschool ECW I believe, he was always tearing it up in the midcard but never really broke out ( I don't think he ever mainevented a PPV for them as an example, feel free to prove me wrong though) I'd class it more as putting Jericho on a WCW Mt Rushmore, great matches and great midcard reigns (both held TV titles I think) but not on that tier.
  5. Can't add anything, this is it
  6. ECW:
    Paul Heyman
    The Sandman

    Not sure about WCW so just put Ron Simmons with the WCW championship and we'll call it a day :otunga:
  7. Ashley RVD was main eventing PPVs as soon as he got to the company in 1996. Well, not a real PPV but the equivalent that the company had in 96

    He was on the poster of their first real PPV in 97.

    It was often said that during RVD's run as TV champ that that belt was actually more prestigious at the time because of how over RVD was and how quality his work was. He wasn't "main eventing" PPVs in the sense that he wasn't going on last, but he was getting 2nd bill and he was the main draw on the show from 98-2000, at least. It was suggested that Heyman wanted to have RVD win a unification match with the ECW & TV Title before RVD broke his ankle and had to vacate his title after a 700+ day run.
  8. Agreed.
  9. :obama: who'd have flunk it Bob Van Dam on a poster for a PPV.

    Yeah I knew he was planning to unify the titles in 2000 I think (it's mentioned on his wiki page) he was bigger than I thought he was, no idea why he didn't through the main title on him during their struggles in 99 if he was drawing so much though, just seems odd you know? Then again ECW was that kind of place that did things differently.

    Even with this info I can't include him in my 4 most influencial people in the companies history list sadly, I don't know alot about ECW but I can't justify him over any of the other guys from what I do know.
  10. I don't like putting Heyman on the "Mt. Rushmore" anymore than I like the idea of Vince on WWE. It should be wrestlers
  11. Disco inferno, big poppa pump, Konan, and Bischoff are WCW and ECW is just 4 different Taz Faces.
  12. ECW: Terry Funk, Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer...those three for sure IMO. The fourth could be tazz/rvd/Shane Douglas. Don't think Sabu deserves it anymore than new jack or sandman. They are great gimmick type guys but the company could easily survive without them.

    WCW: Really depends on if you count the NWA time period or not. Regardless I think flair and sting are obvious. I'd prob put Ted Turner on it. And then Hollywood hogan as the 4th.
  13. WCW: Sting, Flair, HH, Goldberg

    ECW: Dreamer, RVD, Raven, Douglas
  14. Forgot all about Dreamer. I don't like the idea of putting non-wrestlers on the Rushmore though, not Vince or Heyman or Ted Turner/Bischoff.
  15. Goldberg doesn't deserve it. He was relevant for 18-24 months. That does not make him worthy of a spot on wcw Mount Rushmore
  16. You brought up an interesting point with Taker not belonging on Rushmore, but if we're basing it on who dominated the era then Austin is over Rock, not by much, but he is. Sammartino is a good pick as well, but since I don't know much about him I'd pick Shawn Michaels since he was the transitional guy between Hogan & Austin.

    The picks for WCW seem spot on to me with Flair, Sting, Hogan, and Goldberg. If Hogan were to only be in WCW though I'd say maybe Nash could be in that spot perhaps. Booker T might also be another being he was the last WCW champion.

    As far as ECW goes, which i know a little bit more about. Sandman obviously is one of em, Tommy Dreamer being one because no one is more synonymous with ECW than him IMO. Rob Van Dam held it up during the revival of the company in 06'. Then if we're counting it all the way to the end then I think CM Punk might deserve on the spot on the mountain since he was the only good thing to come out of the dulled out version of the brand.
  17. Didn't know WWE put out their official 4 dudes, but they sure as hell put interesting ones. Dunno about Cena being in there, or Taker.

    Anyway, WCW are Sting, Hogan, Flair and Goldberg, while Nash and Vader are debatable.

    In ECW: Shane Douglas, Raven, Dreamer and Sabu. Mike Awesome, Taz and Terry Funk are also debatable. Heyman is booker, I don't put them in this, as I could've put Bischoff on WCW list.
  18. And he was the biggest thing in wrestling for those two years and helped WCW keep momentum in the Monday Night Wars after the NWO/Sting angle had cooled off. 99% of WCW fans from the 90s would mention Goldberg as one of the first few wrestlers they remember from the period. He absolutely deserves it.
  19. We are talking real ECW, not the DisneyCW WWE ran.
  20. :haha: Then Sandman, Dreamer, and I'm not sure about the other two. Rob Van Dam & Sabu I'm guessing. Tazz was pretty big too
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