So whose fault is this?

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  1. It's 2:30 PM, an hour before the Staples Center doors were scheduled to open for Raw, and so I go into the LA Live store that's right next to there to go buy a few things for the show, and on the TV that was there, it shows Gallows and Anderson jumping the guardrail and The Usos were in the ring and then they were doing a beatdown segment. Everything I saw on that TV screen ended up being exactly the same thing that took place on the actual show. I'm thinking "What in the fuck is going on? And why is this being showed?" So what I gathered from everything is that it was a rehearsal, and for some reason, there was no tarp around the ring and some form of a camera was rolling, so obviously someone fucked up and thus their debut got spoiled, and hopefully, somebody will probably be getting fired over this. So yeah, whose fault is this?
  2. I think it's a test rehearsal. Arena TV's are different from taped "live" television. They have to do this so that the "live" version isn't botched.

    That's my guess, anyway. I don't fault anyone for it.
  3. You hope someone is getting fired over this? It's a bit much isn't it?
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  4. I don't see what the fuss is all about. Not like things in wrestling never get spoiled.
  5. But they never get spoiled like this for people to actually see what WWE has planned.
  6. It happens all the time.

    Or are we not counting all the nerds who hang out around the arenas taking pictures as the wrestlers enter so they can leak if someone returns or not? Is that not spoiling? Is spoiling only okay if the fans spoil it for themselves?

    Seriously m8. You're overreacting
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  7. Blame yourself for attending a WWE show.
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  8. Was Karl and Luke rehearsing with the same intensity? Cause Karl threw that Uso hard af.
  9. Lilian Garcia announced the big 4-way match before it even happened, lol. Everything is bound to get spoiled. No need for anyone to get fired. lol.

    Let's just be glad they are finally here. Hopefully they'll spice up a waning tag division.
  10. Does war machine want me?
  11. We know who's it wasn't.

  12. I miss snitsky ruining lives and hurting babies
  13. Snitsky > Festus
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