So, why did that happen?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Ziggler losing clean to Jericho and not even cashing in. Jericho is going on tour what, next week? He has one RAW tomorrow I think or maybe one after and he's gone. I really don't see the logic in this at all, this whole feud could have been feud of the year but the booking has been god awful (Y2J's too early return). Unless something good happens soon, I see it as one big flop. The match and promos were great though.
  2. It begins version 2 basically a huge flop.
  3. Agree, after that I fully expected Ziggler to cash in but now it's just left a bitter taste in my mouth as to how they are going to use him, although Sheamus vs Rio was actually a really good match.
  4. I really hope there is some kind of payoff :facepalm1: :jeritroll:
  5. Right now, there isn't any logic behind it. If there's a match on Raw tommorrow and Ziggler somehow writes Jericho out of the feud, then Ziggler could make up for the SummerSlam loss. However, if it's typical WWE booking where the face wins the feud, then it will leave Ziggler weak and directionless and this feud would have hurt Ziggler a lot more than it helped.
  6. Only thing I see happening is Jericho cutting a promo about finally winning a big match at a PPV but then getting brutally attacked by Ziggler. It would help if we knew the exact time Jericho is leaving.
  7. I have to admit, it was this booking that put me in a major huff this morning. The whole thing reminds me so much of Show/Rhodes @ 'Mania, only Jericho has far less credibility than Show.

    Yeah, they need to start telling us smarks these things.
  8. That is what we call WWE Booking.
  9. It set up a Jericho return by letting him "go out in a blaze of glory", so when he returns it wouldn't feel as pointless as if he returned after jobbing for a year like he did this time.

    But if both people need to win clean, don't book the match.
  10. I think it's for the part of, "Ziggler will cash it in, but why doesn't Jericho interfere to make Ziggler feel any worse?" They want to send Jericho off in style, losing to a future word champion after winning the big one.
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