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  1. Sandow cash in? I mean it seems odd that after making so that Del Rio would be down like that, surely that was the Perfect time!
  2. Oh yeah I noticed that. I'm expecting him to cash in on Smackdown since they seem to be pumping up that show. Either that or they want Cody to cost Sandow his cash in
  3. Lol forgot he even had the case.
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  4. Well, RVD was still in the ring after the match, if I was a heel I wouldn't cash in with a big babyface still in the ring and standing.
  5. uhhhhhh. why?

    made no sense. Sandow is clearly no genius.

    1.) jumps in gulf of mexico when he can't swim
    2.) didn't cash in last night.

    Damian Sandow.. I officially declare thee, a dumbass.

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  6. Orton cashed in last month. WWE don't want both briefcases gone 2 PPVs after MITB. It's nice to see teases like last night and it will make it more unexpected in the future.
  7. I do believe we are talking kayfabe.

  8. Ok, well yeah, as others have said RVD and RR were still in the ring.

  9. Who cares? what were they going to do besides cheer for him? They clearly hate ADR.
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  10. Ruined chance, just noticed it. Though RVD would've probably stopped him, you know not another headache. But yeah Damien Sandow should be cashing in any time these next few weeks before the next PPV.

  11. Why would RVD have stopped him?
  12. Sandow cashing in would've have been a bad move he's losing more than he wins and ppl seem to care less bout him than ADR atm.
  13. It's possible that RVD would had tried to stop him, just to be the goody to shoe, but at the same time there's a possibility of him not doing anything since him and Ricardo hates ADR. That's the only excuse I could find though, with Cody being gone and Alberto lying in the ring, there shouldn't be any reason to not cash in the briefcase.
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  14. There's been a lot of moments like these in the past where MITB winners have a chance to cash in but don't take it.

    Maybe Sandow really did think RVD would stop him. Since RVD couldn't win the belt in a hard fought match, maybe Sandow feared he just wouldn't let him swoop in and take it that easily?
  15. I don't think RVD and Ricardo being there would be a problem. Speaking kayfabe, it's very possible that Rob would've gotten another match given his shot ended in a blatant DQ on purpose by the champ, and if he could pick, would he want to face ADR or the bum he beat clean easily twice already? Plus, Ricardo would love to see Alberto drop the belt, sure. But I think they're going to bury Sandow a little bit more before giving him the strap.
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  16. Sandow has a short reign after cashing in and defends a couple of times (cheating of course) and Rhodes comes back and wins it from him shortly after??
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  17. Yeah, I thought this would have been a great time for Sandow to cash in his briefcase. However, he's had no momentum as of late. He's been losing a lot and they really haven't built him up much at all. Either they're going to start giving him more of a push now or he'll turn over his briefcase to someone else (probably Rhodes).

  18. I'm still thinking he'll get the belt and lose it Rhodes at somepoint, though honestly i'd be happier if the situation was reversed as I much prefer Sandow over Cody.
  19. Everyone gets buried before cashing in MITB, not pushed.
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  20. I guess it makes sense.. makes it more surprising when they finally do if everyone's forgotten that they even had the MITB
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