So why does the big draw usually go on last?

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  1. I've never understood this tbh, if X draws money won't people pay to see him no matter his position on the card?
  2. Hulk Hogan's match actually used to go on in the middle of the show quite often back in the day. It was even common to see him open up the show on several episodes of Saturday Night's Main Event. I personally believe the most important match should be the last match, because it builds audience anticipation to the main match people want to see.
  3. The main act going on last is not a new phenomenom. The most common thought from the promoter I think is the fear that crowds would leave once they've seen the main draw.
  4. All about the build up...

    You wouldn't go to a gig, watch the headliner first and stay for the support?
  5. Whilst this is true if you have two huge acts Cena vs Rock and Punk vs Undertaker what does it matter if the lesser draw but better quality goes on after?
  6. Because it keeps some of them watching the show throughout.
  7. Does it though? Especially with how poor the mid card is treat currently with many coming out to little or no reaction. Wouldn't it make sense to have those matches people do care about spread out a bit more rather than blowing their load in the last 1. 5 hours?
  8. Nope. You want RAW to end on a high, and normally the main event is that, which will keep them coming back next week. It's like how series' like Breaking Bad end well or on cliff-hangers.
  9. Which you can still do without the big draw a case in point is Wrestlemania, Punk Taker going last doesn't wear the crowd out as it did going earlier. Not many seemed to be happy with Rock saluting Cena, I know he got his redemption but Taker could have defended his streak and gotten similar redemption for the disrespect towards Bearer. Certain placements on the card are illogical, People pay to see Rock Cena sure but they care about Punk Taker enough for it to be the main event.
  10. Enough, but not as much, according to WWE anyway. Rock/Cena was the selling point of Wrestlemania, and in WWE's eyes, it's what the majority want to see. If it ends with Cena beating Rock, that's the last thing the casual fans remember, and that is what makes them tune into RAW.
  11. Cena usually opens AND closes the show
  12. Rock/Cena broke PPV records the year before and was the main draw on the show leading up to the event, so there was no way it wasn't going last. And in the eyes of the WWE (and even the casuals, really) Cena defeating The Rock was a bigger deal than Taker becoming 21-0.

    Sometimes they've made exceptions. Rock/Hogan SHOULD have been the main event match of Wrestlemania X-8, but it wasn't. Leading up to the show and looking at the VHS cover (which showed Rock, Hogan and no one else), it was the main match being promoted. You could also argue for WM24 that Cena/Orton/HHH was a bigger match than Undertaker/Edge, even though the latter went on last. But then some would argue both were pretty equal and this it wouldn't matter which went on last. I remember in 2005, Kane/Snitsky ended Raw the night they went off the ramp together and Trish and Lita for the Women's championship even ended a Raw that same year, I believe (or it may been a year later or before.)

    I agree with spreading big matches out throughout the card (like the way the End Of An Era match went in the middle last year) but I still believe the biggest draw should end the show (ESPECIALLY at Wrestlemania) because as Pyro said, that's what will stick in people's minds. It's the thing that caps off the event. Savage/Steamboat is considered one of the greatest matches of all time, but can you imagine (even with it being a hot angle back then) it headlining Wrestlemania 3 over Hogan/Andre?
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  13. It is like that w/ anything. Go to a concert or show and you have opening acts before seeing who you came to see. Movies have previews. Boxing/MMA events main fights go on last.

    Why show people want they really want to see first? You put that on last and show them other things that they hopefully can become interested in while they sit around waiting to see what they came to see.
  14. Simple, more Money. Because Fans will surely wait it.
    They will watch it Live or subscribe on PPV or even bet with their Friends. [lol]
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