WrestleMania So, why was their match cut?

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  1. Going into it, it seems like the whole Clay/Tensai/Naomi/Cameron and Sandow/Rhodes/Twins was still suppose to happen. Both sides had tweeted about the match beforehand, and the twins also tweeted a photo of their "group hug" before their match. So... what happened?

    I didn't care for the match, so not disappointed that it was cut. However, it was a point of curiosity for me. Does anyone know why their match was cut? Anyone have speculation about it?

    Clay just tweeted the following tonight, so nothing specific:
    And from Tensai:
    Thoughts? Facts? Anything? :otunga:
  2. I was wondering this too and I'm kinda fustrated bout it since it would have been a chance for some Divas to actully wrestle again. We have had such a long stint with no Diva matches and then we got AJ vs Kaitlyn a few weeks ago. So when this was created last week I thought it meant we'd get our girls back but I guess WWE doesn't see it that important. I sorta think it was cut because of time for Rock and Cena but I'm not so sure since they finished with 10 minutes left.
  3. Maybe it was cut because they actually wanted to build the match towards extremhahahahahahahhahaha... try saying that one without laughing in the middle.

    Really a shame. Give Rhodes and Sandow mics for the next six weeks and have them just tear into those imbeciles, they can get enough heat to make themselves look like stars despite jobbing at Extreme Rules.

    Why was the match cut? Because we couldn't do without Diddy singing the same damn song we were sick of hearing 3 years ago.
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  4. Would have took Living Colour over Diddy. If I could hear Open Letter with the Wrestlemania set in the background, that'd be awesome :yay:
  5. Thought it would come after Rock vs. Cena match.
  6. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: You think that'd have been the main event?
  7. I was disappointed- I was going to go and take a break from staring at a screen during that match. :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. They ran out of time, thank god.
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  9. I didn't bother to pay any attention to what time the show ended, but someone has been saying it ended 10 minutes early. That's enough time to have 2, maybe even 3, matches involving their Divas. :pity:
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  10. Haha so true. I guess you can't actually estimate how long a huge 30+ minute match will take, and having it forcefully short is worse than having it end shorter than expected.
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  11. i didn't look forward to the match but they could of made room

    Cancel diddy and the 10 mins @ the end
  12. 4 hours just isn't enough time w/ HHH & Taker on the card taking up 45 minutes with their matches (20 min. entrances included)
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  13. They did end 10 minutes early, if they would have kept the match in the slot they would have had plenty of time for Cena and Rock and still not screw over the Divas once again.
  14. Perhaps they didn't want 80000+ people to all to go to the bathroom at once. Unfortunately that's usually the case these days during Divas matches.
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  15. Imo, Naomi and Cameron are talented as fuck.
    I really enjoyed them on Raw or SD when they had a match.

    Too bad..:sad1:
  16. I hate when people say this. OMG ENDED 10 MINUTES EARLY.

    No PPV plans on running up to the end of the hour. You PLAN to end them early. If you ever want to know why just watch a WCW documentary and you'll learn all about it.
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  17. Apparently something exceeded the time and they were running late by the time that rapper guy was singing.
  18. Would rather have seen Brodus and Tensai than either main event match man im so peeved bout those matches.
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