So... Winter...

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  1. Do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent about it?

    I personally love it. I always loved the snow. The lights on the houses people do are so pretty, I get to wear my furry boots and my spirit hood. I just always loved snow and cold weather I guess.
  2. Stations are not that well defined here. Although I can notice the summer is starting, it's hotter than usual.
  3. I love to shovel snow. That is all.
  4. :dafuq: People actually like shoveling snow!?

    ....What is wrong with you sucka!?
  5. You love snow....?
    Or you love shoveling snow?

  6. I love winter :mad:

    It doesn't snow here, sadly :sad1:
  7. Where are you that it doesn't snow?

    I honestly couldn't live where it never snowed.
  8. Southern California :sad1:
  9. Its fun.
  10. :why: that has to suck! At least Florida gets some snow... Not much and only in Northern Florida... But Cali gets none!!!!! Or do they in northern area? :hmm:
  11. How can you be upset living in Cali? Shit looks great.
  12. Yeah, Cali sucks :sad:
  13. I swore deth was from outer space.
  14. :urm:
  15. BUSTED! :haha: Quick Deth, change the subject! IT DOESN'T SNOW IN SPACE!!!!
  16. I love winter as I find it easier to warm myself up than cool myself down its my fave time of year, always lots going on as well.
  17. Winter > Fall/Autumn = Spring > > > > > Summer
  18. Fall is my number one season but Winter follows as a close second. Then Summer, then Spring. I don't like Spring much. Bugs, humidity, rain... :eww:
  19. Can't stand winter!! It gets dark @ 4:30pm, we get temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius with the windchill, and it snows a bunch, which causes traffic to crawl. Give me nice, sunny fall and spring days. That's where it's at.
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