So with Brock gone for a few weeks...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Is Punk/Bryanthe only angle you're interested in?

    I'm predicting we won't see Brock for at least a month, but I hope I'm wrong.
  2. You mean Punk/Bryan? Punk/Jericho now seems to be over.

    And yes, with Brock out at the moment (though who knows for how long, Brock/HHH will probably happen at Summerslam), Punk and Bryan is really all I care about. I don't watch Smackdown.
  3. Stupid me, I get names mixed up all the time atm -.-

    Yeah, Punk/Bryan.
  4. Punk vs Bryan seemed to be a filler yet amazingly that last minute filler seems to be the only thing people are interested in now, including me. I'm also slightly interested in this new angle of Johnny and Lord Tensai vs Cena. The rest is pretty much bullshit and I'm not interested in anything else, sadly.
  5. I haven't been emotionally invested in a Cena feud in forever. But this Punk v Bryan feud has me interested even without the build. These guys are two of the best guys in the ring at the moment and two of the best mic workers as well. This can end up being the feud of the year if the two are given enough freedom and control of it.
  6. Well apprentely from news ive read Brock got written off tv til over the limit as him losing it backstage after extreme rules was something management were not pleased about

    I think CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan could be the main focus
  7. The more I think about Punk/Bryan on a PPV, I can easily say it's potentially the most exciting thing for me in WWE 2012 after the Taker/Trips HIAC.
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  8. The build for their match doesn't really interest me at all. The match itself should be good.

    I hope to God they don't really keep Lesnar off of TV for a month.
  9. Imagine if they added a stipulation to the match that would actually help it rather then give the match a cheap gimmick. Bryan vs Punk in a TLC match for the WWE title sounds like a hoot to watch to me.
  10. What build? The only build so far is Daniel Bryan becomes #1 contender and Punk comes out on the ramp showing off his title. None of us have any idea what's going to happen yet.

    And I agree, but he will be, I'm sure of it.

    Stopspot, were you not emotionally invested in the Cena v Brock feud? I found that thoroughly interesting. I was more excited for that than Rock v Cena.
  11. A submission match would work, just give some consistent build to the Vice. That move gets dropped too quickly.

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  12. I'm speaking on the potential build. It doesn't interest me. I'm fairly certain it will be a generic 'DB wants to be champ, but CM punk is best in the world' type build, with maybe a few random tag matches thrown in involving the two, or DB interrupting a Punk match, or any of the other boring ass tricks that WWE uses for a random filler feud.

    Wake me up when the match happens
  13. Well okay maybe I was a little bit invested but not to that level were the feud had me on the edge of my seat. The Cena character itself does not interested me and I like seeing him appear more human but then in came Brock into it. I think Brock was the thing that took interest away from me. Brock was never interesting for me either. Cena I had built up some interest for during the RTWM but Brock did not succeed in becoming a big enough monster yet to become interested. He was just a big burly bully and I've beaten up enough of those to not bat an eye at seeing someone who acts like that.
  14. I don't care about the build that much, tbh. It all comes down to a WRESTLING MATCH. You pretty much forget about TEH PROMOZ once the bell hits.
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  15. People on Bleacher Report and other dirtsheets have been discussing the idea of a love traingle feud as a possible feud they'd like to see. With Punk being the one to finally get through too AJ that Bryan is treating her like garbage. This would then lead to AJ not knowing which of the two to support and Bryan trying to bend AJ back in line and Punk being the guy saying he will not only retain his belt against Bryan but also teach him not to be abusive to women. If done right I would like to see something like that. It adds emotion to a feud which would otherwise be just like you described it.
  16. 1.) Anyone can write anything they want on BR
    2.) That wouldn't interest me in the slightest
  17. These two need to stay away from love triangles and what not, keep it simple. There is a place for complex stories but not here.

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  18. Actually, I am interested in the punk/bryan angle.
  19. I wish it was a good feud, but knowing WWE and the fact that they'll treat this feud as a filler, the build up will be he same thing we always get... not interesting. The match, on the other hand, will be amazing.
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