WrestleMania So would you be mad if Punk beat Taker?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Simple, would you?
  2. Honestly haven't cared for any of Taker's matches, bar the last one with Shawn, for years. I say pull the trigger & let him lose.
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  3. Nope. Not that I desire for it to happen, but Punk is the best candidate on the roster currently to do it. And part of me feels the streak ending is too big of a moment to pass up.

    If Punk wins, at least we can be certain that there's zero chance Cena beats the streak next year. I'd absolutely love the heat that a Cena/Undertaker match would have because of people thinking Cena of all people could defeat Taker, but I'm not sure it's worth it given the probability of it happening. Never forget how much of a streak killer Cena is - ending JBL's long title reign, Muhammad Hassan/Great Khali/Umaga's undefeated streaks (not counting a DQ loss in Umaga's case), etc.

    I thought WM30 was a perfect place to retire because of it being the 30th anniversary but instead, it could very well be the case where Taker is the main inductee for the HOF. When they bring out all the HOF inductees from the previous night, Taker could make a special entrance one final time for the audience by making the lights go off and suddenly appearing in some special fashion, just as he's done a bazillion times before (it never gets old for most people, it seems.)

    I've had a lingering feeling for awhile that Punk will be ending the streak but most likely, he simply comes close and maybe turns face because of fans (and probably Taker) showing respect for him because of how close he comes to ending it. (Or perhaps just Heyman berating him and having Lesnar attack and break his arm like a twig with the Kimura.)
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  4. With his current health issues, I don't see him make it WrestleMania XXX, so my guess is that it's time for Taker's to hang the damn boots. If Punk wins it will make him the biggest heel in the company, which is good for business. But I don't really see that happening...

    But please, someone, make Taker hang is damn boots and retire!
  5. Wouldn't be mad per se, however I don't think it will happen. Punk has stated quite a few times he's going to retire in 2-3 years. If someone is going over Taker, I would have to imagine it's someone with a long term future.
  6. If Punk were to be put over Taker, I'm sure he'd make the decision to stay. WWE would make very sure he intended on having a long term career with them before handing over a twenty year streak to him. Punk was also gonna leave in 2011, but then the MITB storyline convinced him to stay and sign a new contract and look at where he is now.
  7. No! Personally I'd like to see him beat the Streak, in the long run it would be good for Business, just Like Cena will be beating Rock at WM. Punk beating Taker would be an actual shock moment and something that people will remember for a long time. It would also mean at Wrestlemania, two of the legends will essentially be passing the torch down to another Superstar, which again in the Long run would be good. I mean if Undertaker loses, it's not like suddenly he'll become terrible in the eyes of the fans. 20-1 is still a good number though.
  8. Punk won't really be there in the long run. Apparently he wants to retire in the next five or so years so him ending the streak wouldn't really benefit in the long run.
  9. Idk how I would react. It's too far fetched for me to even begin to process.
  10. Well, given that he'll retire soon, it sounds like a bit of a waste. But if he's to stick around it'd be good. Wouldn't be mad though.
  11. Fuck yeah...

    Why would they give it to Punk? Or stop it right now?

    If possible, let it get to a few matches after this.

    Btw, Taker will even be healed better by the time.
  12. Yes and no at the same time.

    But it won't happen fortunately.
  13. I wouldn't be mad. In fact, Kane aside for a second, I can't think of anybody that deserves to more from the current roster.
  14. Who's a better choice than Punk?
  15. Maybe one who isn't even a top guy right now.

    Can't say a name..
  16. Totally different scenario's there. Punk was going to leave in 2011 due to frustrations with the way WWE treated him ( like calling him "John Cena's TV program" during his feud with Orton, among many, many other things) and only signed back on due to the angle working out well and seeing a chance to change the place. His conversations with Mercury and Lars being the main point of why he re-signed (Mercury being the one who told him "you can't change the WWE from your couch", Lars told him some story but my memory's iffy on the details). That's no longer the situation, he's reasons for leaving the company and retiring will be because he's been doing wrestling the vast majority of his life non-stop (excluding certain injuries) so I highly doubt he'll be swayed to re-sign due to them having him break the streak.

    On the question at hand, no I wouldn't be mad. I just don't simply care about The Streak, at don't place it on as high as a pedestal and firmly believe that they shouldn't hesitate for a second to end it when they have the right person. I don't think Punk is that person, but I won't be bothered if he wins it.

    That said, it's not going to happen.
  17. Point is, Punk still changed his mind and decided to stay. If beating the streak gave him an extra career boost in terms of momentum (I'd have to think it obviously would), then he would make the decision to stick around longer. If he stayed at least five or more years, then I think that would be long enough to benefit from it, honestly.
  18. The only reason his mind needed changing though was because he was unhappy with his position. Him retiring in a two (maybe three) years has nothing to do with his position. I mean, a similar example (not perfect, just similar) would be Shawn's retirement. He wouldn't have stayed around longer had they given him the streak, because his reasons behind it weren't tied to position. Actually, Jeff Hardy might be a better example ironically. WWE offered him a big time contract if I recall correctly and even gave him the World Championship a month prior to him leaving, yet that didn't change his mind.

    Of course Punk changed his mind at Money In The Bank, the driving force behind him leaving was because he didn't like how he was being booked among other things within the company, so WWE starting to push him as a top tier and allow him free reign on the mic would persuade him as it's satisfying the need they previously ignored. That wouldn't be the case this time. Besides, he just came the longest WWE championship reign in what, twenty five years? If that isn't enough to motivate him to sign on longer than I don't really think breaking The Streak would be.

    I'm not saying it's outside the realm of possibility, but just because he changed his mind about leaving the company once isn't enough for me to assume he'd do it again especially since the entire reason between his retirement is very different from the reason he planned to leave back then which would naturally mean getting him to stick around would require at least a slightly different approach. The reasoning behind decisions are much more valuable than the decisions themselves when trying to determine what someone would do in a particular scenario.

    Also, in relation to the final sentence, he wouldn't even need that long to benefit from it. In fact, there'd be no reason to even re-sign as any benefit he gets from that will relatively quick after the fact. Let's be honest, wrestling isn't exactly something where an accomplishment from five years ago is still going to carry that much weight in the present day. Yes, it will always be there to boost the credibility of Punk but at that point in time that doesn't mean crap if WWE wasn't still booking Punk strong. Like Jack Swagger's previous World title reign, in the long run that only benefit to him winning the World Championship was occasionally being thrown in matches where being a former World Champion was a requirement. Granted the analogy isn't perfect, but I'm just trying to get across that the most beneficial point of him beating the streak will be immediately after and the months proceeding. He wouldn't even need to re-sign in this case because by the time he plans on retiring, he would've already ridden the wave of momentum he gained from ending the streak.

    Then again, Punk isn't winning. It'd be a feather in his cap that he certainly doesn't need, and I don't even think Punk would agree to ending the streak first and foremost. Besides with the Taker/Cena match at Mania XXX kind of locked in, at least if Cena get's his way it is, I can't see the logic behind having Taker go in with a broken record.
  19. In that case, why would anyone really complain about Punk retiring in a few years? If the most he's gonna get out of it is just gonna be immediately what follows anyway, which is true. I brought up the "five or so years" stuff because people want the guy who breaks the streak to be around and have a lengthy career as opposed to just disappearing a couple of years later.

    Once again, he could always just change his mind anyway about when he's retiring. Just because he made one or two comments before about giving it up in a few years doesn't mean it's set in stone. Hulk Hogan was also ready to retire from wrestling in the 80's but then he became huge in the WWF and couldn't stop making so much money so he stayed. WWE would obviously be absolutely sure about this before they gave him the streak, and to be honest, I can easily see Taker being willing to offer his streak up to Punk. Punk is in the perfection position to benefit from it - a guy who's a star but could use the streak to be elevated even higher, as opposed to someone like Michaels who couldn't have possibly gone any higher with the victory, or a guy like Barrett, who is still unproven as a top guy and could easily flop if pushed as one and his victory over the streak wouldn't matter a bit.

    I'd like to think it's obvious that Cena/Taker is locked in for WM30 as well, but who knows. Sometimes, dream matches are just that.
  20. You guys summed it up perfectly. The Streak's simply too big of a push at this point just to let it go to waste, and if Punk stays even for 5 years, he's set. He's a definite draw and main event star after that, and we're all happy. There will finally be a top babyface the entire fanbase (outside of horny women and Dolph's) can get behind as long as Creative doesn't fuck up his gimmick again, and there will plenty of time to pass the torch to somebody else before he goes (Ziggler?). What's there to complain about?
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