So WWE have announced Hogan's return...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2014.

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  1. Would you have not at least wanted this to be a surprise? I'm sure many of the casuals who don't read dirt sheets would have marked their boobies off when they heard his music, but instead they've seemingly ruined it with the announcement. Can somebody please enlighten me as to why they'd do this?
  2. Bump ratings, cause someone will see it and then they will tell someone etc etc.
  3. Yeah, guaranteed rating boost is most likely.
  4. It will bring in all the guys who are older now who loved Hogan and dont watch wrestling let alone TNA so
  5. Because for someone to draw ratings (which Hogan won't, but still) you have to know he's going to be on the show.
  6. Where'd they announce it?
  7., Twitter, etc.

    Also it's stupid as fuck. I hate when they do this. Batista's return would have got a much bigger pop and an overall better response if his music hit out of nowhere, as would Hogan's. It's TMZs fault though, they broke it, so WWE had to reply..
  8. Yeah, I would've wanted them to wait.
  9. With the olympics doing all of their more important closing events/ceremonies on Sunday it may take some attention from the PPV so they might want to get a big BOOM of viewers on RAW to make up for that. (Completely random speculation, it may not do that at all)

    But overall I would've liked it to be a suprise, would've marked out crazy hearing that entrance come on randomly.
  10. Do WWE honestly care this much about ratings? They're getting solid numbers right now iirc, and teasing someone huge returning or doing some clever vignettes would work the same way as just announcing Hogan. I don't see that as the complete answer.
  11. It'll give their ratings a better boost for that show, thus getting them more money. Yeah it would have been better as a fan for it to be a surprise, but I'm sure they don't care about that lol.
  12. The Hulkster will still get a huge pop I'm sure
  13. The only reason I say that is because here's how it's played out for the end of 2013 and 2014 so far, they were losing viewers and then they do a pre announcement for Batista, viewership stayed around the same, three weeks later he comes back and they have a pretty solid spike in viewers, then the viewers went down immediately the following week and then the week of February 4th when Punk left and Cena wasn't there, their ratings droppped MAJORLY from what I heard so maybe they're still hurting from that a little bit.
  14. They can tease returns and vignettes, but it also depends how much trust they have in Hogan right now. He just came back from another company, and I'm sure they don't want to do all the work just for he can walk away and do something else like he did in the past, or if it's just for a short amount of time. Announcing a return will really boost their ratings, and hopefully make people sit through Raw to see Hogan at he end maybe. Sure they can make him return out of nowhere, but most likely the people watching at the time will still be watching next week, and the week after that and etc. Announcing his return will get people interested into that episode of Raw, and hopefully get people interested all the way onto Wrestlemania.
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  15. So that it can be the top trend on Facebook?

    Because that's how I found out they'd actually announced it.

  16. How long has he been out of the WWE? I was three when I started watching WWE and then there was that gap where I missed a few years. I think I first started watching WWE in 1997-2001. I know he wasn't there in 2007. That was the year when I first started watching again. So on the early years that I mentioned I don't really remember any of his matches.
  17. According to his last WWE match was Summerslam 2006 and he defeated Randy Orton.
  18. More people to advertise the network too.
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