So you guys want a revamped CM Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Then book it. How would you turn Punk into MITB 2011 Punk?
  2. Cut him loose, he needs to be able to do his own thing.
  3. Book it. Would you have him return to feuding with WWE? Cena?
  4. Punk vs Sin cara for no reason outside of possibly having another 4.5 star match.
  5. I don't think match quality is Punk's problem. He's had awesome matches with Jericho, Bryan and Kane. That clearly doesn't please a lot of people, it's his gimmick I was speaking of :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Cut him off championships for a while. It's pretty done with him. Let him have a long legit feud with someone which he could work with, but without title shots.
  7. I don't want any CM Punk tbh
  8. -Make John Laurinaitis actually become a tyrant GM, firing people for ridiculous reasons (for suspensions, injuries, etc), doing everything he can at filler PPV's to punish the top babyfaces for exaggerated reasons, so CM Punk has a machine to rebel against. After losing his rematch to Daniel Bryan at Summerslam, Laurinaitis fires Jericho after Jericho went on a Youtube rant about not being at Summerslam. CM Punk comes out and tears him apart (seriously) for the injustice of someone not being able to speak their mind in this company, about freedom of speech, etc. Lauranaitis says that there is no freedom in the WWE, he's in control of everything. As punishment for this, he has to face ADR with no preparation, Tensai, Kane, and Big Show in consecutive weeks. He beats ADR and Show, but loses to Tensai and Kane. Then Ace announces he'll have to face a "mystery opponent at the PPV, a returning Mark Henry. He goes over him but has to be carried out (yay Henry's still a monster!), then on Raw Ace fires The Miz after he tore up his office in frustration after being sent to Superstars for the last month. Punk then comes out 2 weeks later (selling injuries) and talks about how he went over the line, and how he won't stand for it anymore. He doesn't care what it takes, he won't let the guys in the back continue to suffer and fear for their jobs every week because their power-hungry boss has a mood swing. Punk attacks him next week. but then Henry comes out to make the save... wa la, there's your match for Hell in a Cell. (Ace gives Henry a raise for this). At the HIAC PPV, Henry slams him through the cage, Worlds Strongest Slams him through the announce table, slams him against the cage, side of the ring, hits him with weapons, and a bloodied, beaten Punk is able to crawl into the ring... Then as Henry picks him up for a World's Strongest Slam, Miz comes up from behind and hits the Skull-Crushing, drags Punk onto Henry, 2 count. Then Miz beats him with weapons until Johnny Ace comes out to stop the match. Miz grabs the mic and cuts an absolutely epic promo on how terrible Ace is, and all the big guys come out of the back to destroy Miz. Next night, Ace calls out Punk for all he's done, but says that simply firing him in the middle of the ring would be too easy. They set up the 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Match where the loser is fired, and spend the next few weeks having backstage segments about how terrible the other is, how they want him gone, while they set up qualifying matches for the two teams. They have videos teasing the debut of a new masked luchadore character to debut at the PPV. Before the match, Santino (part of Punk's team) is injured by Mark Henry, and Punk's scrambling around backstage trying to find someone. He finds the luchadore, and there's his last second replacement. So the little guys, him and Punk are left with Tensai, as Miz throws off the luchadore mask and hits the SKF on Tensai, Punk covers him up to fire Johnny.

    A bunch of predictability and #wwelogic there and old ideas (Reliving the Calgary Kid would be epic though), but it could work. Was fun to type a bunch of stuff out if nothing else.
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  9. That was an awesome read. Good call on it, if only i had faith it would happen. Who gets fired in your story?
  10. Have him attack vince at the 1000th raw :gusta: only if vince is heel
  11. I was going to post some long story, but it's similar to Rainman's. But one other idea that I'd like to see would be someone else cutting a shoot promo on Punk. Doing the same thing Punk did to Cena last year. How he used to be the rebel but now he's the poster boy, he's the new Cena. I'm not really sure about how the story should proceed after that, maybe Punk having a change of heart a little bit later and returning to his older ways.
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