WrestleMania So you think Bray will cost Brock is match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Mar 18, 2016.

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    I am thinking Ambrose and Brock will have one hell of a battle, blood, guts, weird joker-esk faces, creepy laughter... The whole 9 yards but then Bray and his sheeple will interfere and cost Brock the match somehow and this will lead to a Brock and Bray match sometime after WM.

    What they could do, if Brock is taking a break after Mania is have him get beat up so bad it looks like he needs medical treatment then let Bray used "I defeated the monster" for weeks, maybe even months then one day he returns and the ass whooping is ON!

    Also, if Bray is hurt. This can give him the chance to stay relevant without having to fight. Like while Brock takes time off.

    Just a thought.

    Beast without teeth = Brock
    Reaper without a soul to take = Undertaker
    King without his crown = HHH

    Just my guesses there. Bray is messing something up. lol
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  2. What if he ends up screwing all 3 of those matches? :bray:
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  3. If Bray gets involved Dean is just going to look like a fool. They need Dean to either go out clean but looking strong in defeat, or beat Brock clean. Either way a star is born.

    If anyone gets involved it'll just look dumb
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  4. This is actually pretty well thought becuz those decriptions fit those 3 perfectly but I don't think Bray Wyatt will get involved with anyone's match. I think him and Lesnar will be put on the shelf until Summerslam. Lesnar has done 3 PPVS and 1 special so I'm guessing he's due for a long break after Mania.
  5. Yeah that is why I figured with Brock taking a break, Bray attacking him or interfering at WM would be a good plan. Even if he attacks him after the match is over, just has a group of masked sheep dudes beat the living crap out of him. Then him being gone for like what, 4 months? (till summerslam) will give Bray a good amount of time to bulk up his character again then when Brock returns to kill him, fans will go nuts.
  6. Why? Don't lessen Ambrose's mania moment for Wyatt. Ambrose has the chance to come out a star at mania, either by going out clean or going over clean on Brock. He's going to get made.

    The Wyatt's should not get involved at all, that's a stupid idea to be quite honest.

    If you need to do anything regarding Brock and the Family, save it for the RAW after. Let Dean vs Brock be the focus at mania, because it is honestly quite well built.
  7. Well yeah that would be the smart way to do it but where is the WWE logic in that? lol
  8. It's Wrestlemania. WWE tends to be smart at mania.
  9. I hope not. No one wants to see a jobber interfere in one of the bigger matches of Mania.
  10. He isn't suposta be a jobber... but they booked him into the dirt. I haven't liked the group for a long time now myself.
  11. These Bray videos better get us somewhere once he's all better I feel like WWE is pulling these messages cuz Bray is injured and they got nothing for him but these videos
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  12. That would be the most awesome thing ever and Bray would be officially revived to being over as ever
  13. Regardless of what happens, they need to build the shit out of Bray Wyatt if hes gonna have a good feud with Lesnar. In my opinion they should add more people to the US title match. Include Bray Wyatt and give him a US title run.
    He could make an intriguing US champion espeicially with all the political nonsense going on with America becuz he could cut promos of all of the Americans being blind sheep or whatever
  14. "The Politicians are lying to ya man!"
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  15. If you wanna make the Wyatt family stars especially Bray then have the Wyatt somehow have a clean win verse social outcasts. And have Bray pin Slater and rose and Braun after winning Andre giant battle royal beat the other 2 ord even Harper but please its time to turn on Rowan
  16. Bray Wyatt pinning Heath Slater isn't gonna do a damn thing lol
  17. It'd be awesome to see the Wyatts swarm The Rock during whatever the fuck it is that he'll be doing and lay him out. Even more awesome would be if Austin was in the same ring with him when they attacked and got laid out right alongside him (far more likely that Austin and Rock together would probably just fight off the Family, though.)

    As for Brock/Ambrose, Bray has no business interfering in that and it would just cheapen everything as a result. Save any sort of Brock beat down for the next night on Raw. Attack Lesnar the night after Mania, put him on the shelf, have Bray spend the next three or four months bragging that his Family have "slayed The Beast" at last, and then build to Brock returning to get retribution in the Summer.
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