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  1. I frequent the "TV Tropes" website, both as a writer and as a fan of movies. I was impressed with how much they have on pro wrestling, including this article. After reading it, I just wondered if anybody had any thoughts on it.

    And here's the text:

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  2. Great read.
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  3. Great read, but I feel like a super-smark for having already known all this stuff anyway. :boss:
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  4. Who are you?
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  5. It's the second coming of Tgmiveld.

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  6. I guess Lockard didn't realize his account was saved.
  7. Maybe he forgot his password. :downer:

  8. I hope not :downer:
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    You sir are right on the money on almost all accounts. (Almost all, just meaning that you shouldn't just stick to a specific formula) Fantastic read.

    It's really amazing how many of these traits Vince doesn't follow. Saddens me to see how much money he lost with guys like Ziggler who hurt his poor wittle feelings.

    1. Don't have wrestlers break kayfabe under any circumstances. The same goes for you; don't ever create a storyline based on real-life events if that story would contradict a previously established narrative.
    Ummmm... CM Punk? Seriously though I see what you're getting at, and it's an excellent point. Usually out-of-kayfabe stuff doesn't come across well on TV.

    "Women can wrestle
    , so take advantage of this"

    :yes: My hero! You're getting 10 likes for this.
  10. This "article" was written by someone who has nothing to do with the business, and no knowledge of what they're talking about.
  11. That I did. I didn't have it saved or written down anywhere (well, actually I did... the computer had it "saved" so that every time I typed my user name in, the password would automatically be generated so that I didn't have to bother remembering it, but with the merge today, that changed for some reason), and I also forgot my e-mail address, which if I recall is something you need to know in order to have a new password sent to you. So on the spur of the moment, I just created a new account. (For some reason, I kind of like the idea of a fresh start anyway.)

    This article covers several points that actual bookers (Vince Russo, Bruce Pritchard, Jim Cornette, etc.) have raised before themselves in interviews. So ya, I'd say it's pretty on point.
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  12. Wait, so it's saved to your browser or computer?
  13. Browser, I mean.
  14. Which browser are you using? IIRC there should be an option in one to check your saved passwords.
  15. Firefox.
  16. The second cumming of Lockard :rollins:
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  17. Go to the Firefox tab in upper left corner, click it, click options, click the security icon when options pop up, click saved passwords, the box should pop up, click show passwords, and find the one that corresponds with
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  18. lol Got it working again. Thanks.
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  19. No problem, when I saw you used firefox I knew exactly what ya needed to do.
  20. I could say something about Japanese people and technology, but it's a stereotype.

    And stereotypes are bad.

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