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  1. SO.......? With Rock and Brock vsing 1 another next year at WM30 and then Cena vsing Undertaker for the streak. Who will CM Punk face at WM30!? And who will be the WWE Champion going into next year WM30!? If Cena keep title that mean he would face Taker for the WWE Title at next year WM30!? Would Undertaker get 1 more title run then!? WHich is also leading me to belive will NOT be wwe champion that long. And will mostly lose it in 4 to 5 month from now. Though on this?​

  2. Maybe Stone Cold?
  3. Again what about the WWE Title!? Which one of the matchest will be for the WWE Title then!?
  4. He can job to Ziggler in a WHC match as Ziggler goes on his way to a 2+ year reign
  5. Dude figger will not be world champion that long! And CM Punk only want the wwe champion the world title if for the mid cards! :pipebomb:
  6. OH HELL NO! ashley the world title looks better than the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! :pipebomb:
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  7. ur right there. but when the last timethe world title have main event a ppv!? do u know!? i will tell u EC PPV of 2010! :pipebomb: that a long time ago! [​IMG]
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  8. Ziggler will be WHC until he retires. He will also win the WWE title along the way and merge both titles to just become the "Ziggler Championship"
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  9. Who knows but Punk vs Bryan

    Or ziggler vs bryan

    Or a combination of the two would be the coolest for me.
  10. CM Punk won't be champ for a long time. At least a year or two.
  11. Daniel Bryan or Kassius Ohno
  12. Byran/Punk at Mania would be incredible. A BITW vs BITW feud could work.
  13. that did that with CM punk and Y2J!
  14. Ziggler v Punk v Bryan
    Undertaker v Cena
    Rock v Brock
  15. THAT NOT GOING HAVE BEEN! and he will lose title everyone does!
  16. True, take out Punk and do Y2J DBD
  17. :gusta:

    With DB as the heel?
  18. ok guy the all good dreams and throw on what matchest could have been. but i think ur all forget about which match will be for the WWE Title!?
  19. Probably, Bryan in his 05/06 mode choking people out left right and centre against a pissed off vet Jericho could work too. Run it similar to Sting vs Joe at BFG 08 I think it was except the old guy doesn't go over.
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