SoCal Val released by TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. She really didn't do much. The last thing I remember her doing something important, was her storyline with Dutt and Lethal. Anyways, not a huge loss.
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    On paper it's fine, but... Couldn't you just fire Christy and keep Val? She's better to look at, better at her job, cheaper... Why not?
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  3. I'd prefer TNA releasing Hemme as Rainman said. Don't know why, I now dislike Hemme...
  4. One of core TNA talents, she's been there for 9 yrs out of 11, but I ain't gonna lose sleep over her being gone. Not a big loss.
  5. I love her more than Christy. Sad to see her go.

  6. Disagree completely, Hemme looks better and sounds MUCH better. The only advantage to letting Hemme go over Val is money.
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  7. Apparently Val was backstage at last night's NXT tapings. Wonder how long she'll stay unemployed.
  8. Does anyone even care about her anymore?
  9. "jill all of trades" .... really? The person who wrote that didn't catch that?
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  10. "Really excited 2 see what's NEXT!" wrote Val.

    Jeez she didn't give it away did she?
  11. If she gets a shot at working at NXT she should be excited. Its an exciting time to take part in WWE development.
  12. Especially since they seem to be trying to make the divas division more relevant again.
  13. Clever devil we got here.:obama:
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  14. Is it really that exciting for your paycheck to be between 500-1000$ ? That's an Observer report, so take it however you want, but I guess (financially) it's better than doing nothing.

    I hope she makes in WWE, in whatever role she might possibly get some day.
  15. I'd assume she'd be going in for a producer job considering all the experience she has with that. And I don't think producer paychecks are that low. I have a hard time seeing in ring paychecks being that low either, at least for TV talent. I know that PAC took a pay dip when he signed but he has also claimed that he's now back near his old income level since he started doing TV.
  16. Like I said, Observer report, it may, but then it may not be the truth, if you get the pun here.

    Either way, I hate when people lose their jobs, especially one core TNA talent like her, but what the heck. She wasn't relevant on TV since 2008, we could barely ever see her.

    Best of luck, Val.
  17. Kind of how I feel as well. I know she did a lot of backstage stuff but people have most likely been shifted around or dropped in those roles for years and years without big impact. Val going is not that big an issue but still sad to see someone lose her job but she seems to be landing on her feet. If not ROH could always use someone to replace Veda Scott who is pretty shit.
  18. Good, no one cares about SoCal VAl
  19. This baffles me. Sure, Hemme is hotter and sounds better, but is she seriously worth the ammount she's paid? Letting Val go instead of her is simply stupid from a business standpoint. Hemme is worth NOTHING. I really can't get my head around this, it's just so stupid. I don't really mind whether Val is there or not but come on.
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