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Discussion in 'Sports' started by BradR, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Do we have any soccer or football fans here? I'm a massive fan of Liverpool FC since it's my boyhood club and the club which is nearby. I'm currently very happy with our transfer business in the current window, especially Milner, who I think is a great player and since he's free, it's even better!
  2. Big football fan here.

    I'm a massive fan of Real Madrid and of course, my all time favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo!
  3. British guy here who prefers NFL and NBA lol. Soccer sucks, I'm pretty sure I'd lose my British citizenship if I didn't drink so much tea. :heenan:
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  4. Big football fan. I support Tottenham, Schalke 04, Juventus and PSG
  5. What if they play each other? :shock:
  6. If that ends up happening I tend to just sit back and enjoy the game. I'm not that much of a fanboy that I'd get some sort of existential conflict. And the teams are split up over 4 leagues in four countries
  7. Tea is alright with Americans too. The northern states don't really make it good, though.

    Soccer is too boring to me-- I tried hopping on the Dortmund wagon for a bit. I barely made it more than a couple of games iirc.
  8. A few teams then, ey? What's your favourite?
  9. Tottenham is number 1
  10. With the first pick in the Citizenship draft, USA selects Soldius
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  11. I wish.
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  12. Soccer is lovely for its lack of commercials. The fields are luscious and green and really aesthetically pleasing. :tonguewink:
  13. Real Madrid.

    One nation under Modric.
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  14. Hala Madrid!
  15. Biggest transfer of the summer happened yesterday stewart downing to the mighty boro UTB!
  16. Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal yesterday. Now I bet all of the Arsenal fans think they're gonna win the league.

    IMO, we (Chelsea) could do with one more transfer, maybe a winger or a holding midfielder to play alongside Matic - then there's no stopping us.
  17. Big supporter of Brazil's São Paulo.

    Not really a regular viewer of your fancy european football, though
  18. Yeah, I love the New Orleans Saints.
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  19. A bit of a surprise given FFP. Especially with Nugent as well.
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