Football Soccer in the US will be on and poppin come 2018

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. It's a possibility, I mean when his contract comes up, there will be clubs after him such as Man Utd, Man City, PSG, Juventus but with the money MLS Clubs can offer to a player of his calibre, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up playing for NYC (only to be loaned out to Manchester City) or Beckham's Miami Franchise (should it be up by that time). MLS are getting good players but at old age (such as Lampard, Gerrard, Keane and Kaka).
  2. I could see Ibra following as well when his current deal with PSG expires. Which would be another big steal for MLS
  3. Could probably see a bunch of big names leaving for the MLS once they're contracts run out, even if they ain't that old (Giovinco for example from Juventus)
  4. here is how much I pay attention to MLS happenings... I didn't even know Kaka was signed with the league lmao. I would love if the MLS became a powerhouse league, though I wouldn't predict it.

    How the fuck do they afford to pay these passed their prime veterans so much money? I mean, Kaka is around 7 mill... I can't imagine the Orlando MLS franchise is making all that much to afford to pay his salary. A quick google search tells me the average MLS team is worth only $37million, and that they are losing money according to Forbes. So even if they manage to land CR to say the Red Bulls in NY, there is no way the Red Bulls are going to wind up with a good ROI considering the price CR will run them. It would take a LOT of non-MLS fans to start following the Red Bulls for that move to pay off. a ton. I know CR has a huge built in fanbase wherever he goes, but what would his yearly salary be? I read he makes 50 mill in salary a year? That is fucking absurd, much higher than the highest American athlete makes, at least in team sports. Even at a massive discount of around 20 mill it seems like it would sink an MLS team financially. Maybe the Galaxy can afford it.
  5. Or New York City FC (not the red bulls, the new one with Lamport and Villa, run by he rich Arabs of Manchester city)
  6. It wouldn't surprise me to see CR7 going to the States in 3-5 years from now, tbh.
  7. IMO, he'll be a big name and will score tons of goals if he does go, but I could see lots of other clubs being in for him as well. MLS can only really get the older players, unless clubs like NYCFC use their Man City-like connections to pull in some more players in the big leagues who aren't getting as much game time. I would think the only clubs who can afford a player like Ronaldo would be likes of NYCFC and they probably wouldn't even try, I seem to understand that MLS teams are only allowed 2 big international players and NYCFC have Villa and Lampard, who are big enough names, quality players (if Lampard gets there next season and starts scoring goals immediately, he'll be a hit) and probably won't be on a fraction of what Ronaldo is on.

    Besides, isn't Financial Fair Play still on? It would take a lot of work to pull off the Ronaldo deal, imo.
  8. I think financial fair play only effects European clubs as its an uefa thing not 100% sure though
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  9. Would be very interesting if he did come over for a few MLS seasons at that time, it'll also be popping in the US in 2018 because the World Cup is on that year and the US goes crazy when it's World Cup Soccer time, well at least by me it does.. although that may be because we have an MLS team right here and our city likes to see if any of them make the world cup team.
  10. Wasting his time. Stay where people love you, adore you and most of all where Soccer is popular and appreciated.
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