Soccer or footbal?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Leo C, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Soccer

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  2. Football

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  1. How do you call the sport with 11 guys on each team kicking a ball around? There seems to be a tournament of this sport taking place in Europe or something.
  2. I call it soccer. The difference? I don't get butt hurt if people call it football.

    Moral of the story: call it whatever you want and don't let your jimmies get rustled if someone calls it something else. Whatever it's called it's a wonderful sport.
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  3. Ignore everyone in this thread. It's football.
  4. Agreed. It is FOOTBALL
  5. My brother played soccer.
  6. One more time.... :facepalm1:

  7. I see a soccer ball and a football o3o
  8. just call it what i call it, boring :awyeah:
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  9. Liked. I just want to annoy Crayo, I don't really care what people call it. I was curious to know how people called it around here, since some people take offense when we use one name or the other.
  10. Who's that in your avatar Crayo?
  11. That's Neymar homie

    I think :silva:
  12. this


    i voted soccer
  13. It's obviously soccer.
  14. I call it soccer because here football and soccer are two different things here. I;'m not going to sit here and call it football because if I go up to my friends and try to have a discussion about soccer and football but I call them both football then it'll be confusing. And I won't call it eggball because it's just making fun of football then, and calling it soccer isn't making fun of your guy's football, it's just a name we give it.
  15. Me.

    LOL I wish. Neymar.
  16. Oh. Didn't recognize him without that woody woodpecker fauxhawk he usually has on. :dawg:
  17. lmao so crayo was that neymar user
  18. Lmao. I love how I mark for possibly the most famous human in Brasil more than you :haha:

    No that was the real Neymar.
  19. For me he's just some guy who kicks a ball around and gets paid millions for it, I'm pretty sure you have more reasons to like him than I do. :dawg:
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