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    List your Social Media Accounts below!
    Instagram- _chris_313_
    Snapchat- mexrican08
    Twitter- Brother_Rants
  2. twitter - @hassiehoff (follow me)
    snapchat - jannie-o
    skype - fbi-justme
  3. That's why we have the social plugin and it puts them next to your post count...
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  4. @Delik I know, but this way people who don't notice it can look through here.
  5. Also, I really wouldn't put your facebook on here.
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  6. <-
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  7. too nerdy for me lads

    the blower is all i need
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  8. I hate everyone, I refuse to give this information! :russo:
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  9. Yeah they put this on the side.. although if you bromigos wanna facebook me... inbox me, there's only a select few who I'd give it to really.
  10. what is the point in facebook other than having a crafty wank over a nice wench. even then you have freeview porn for that, which gets the job done at the end of the day

    facebook should be banned. it causes more trouble than its worth. some rooster boy did some photoshops of me on there, and the amount of rumours spred bout people i know down the boozer is ridcilous.

    want to know the real world, get on the blower and sort things out lads.
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