'Social Media SmackDown' - What a fail

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Wow, I was stunned at Twitter last night. The whole human mass and idiotic tweets from wrestlers and announcers (who sit in a hotel, and laugh their asses off at how retarded the people on Twitter are) make retarded tweets basically about EVERY DAMN THING.

    Never in my life have I felt sorry for the WWE and for the guys who work their. This was probably the worst bullshit that the WWE Creatives could of ever come up with. Ezekiel Jackson who's not even on SmackDown, starts tweeting with Fandango (and on TV the segment wasn't even over yet). Jim Ross appears on screen, Michael Cole goes 'raging' on Twitter "JRs back! JRs back!".

    I mean, how stupid can someone be to believe that they are tweeting from the show? 'Social Media' my nutsack. I've seen old men tweeting 'my God, I can't believe that Del Rio had the strength to tweet with his fans, after such a match' (and I'm like: 'Man, HIS AT HOME, he's not even there!') and 'I must tweet Jim Ross, while his still not busy with announcing, so he can mention me on TV.'

    And the whole fake VOTE for Del Rio's opponent bullshit? Right, we vote for an outcome for a taped show.

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  2. I hear that Vince even hates Twitter because he thinks the guys say stupid shit that makes them look bad, but he feels the social media stuff is important for the company so he puts up with it.
  3. Well, surprisingly, I didn't even notice that. Probably because I don't have a Twittah account, but still. Good thing that it wasn't shoved down my throat.
  4. Haven't watched this yet is it worth it? @"Leo C" I trust your opinion more than most other people online so the choice is in your hands.
  5. Well, ADR/Sandow was solid. The Colter/Swagger/JR segment I enjoyed as well. Kane and Bryan entertained me as always. 2 out of 3 falls match was great. The worst part was the main event, but the rest of the show was pretty decent imo.
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  6. Will download and skip the crap, ta.
  7. Thought it was a pretty good Smackdown. I especially love Big Show socking Roman Reigns at the end. Love heel on heel action and stuff.
  8. I'm not saying anything about the show, but rather the horrible use of Twitter. The bullshit on Twitter was completely unbearable.
  9. Ultimately the WWE has to keep up with the modern age and right now Twitter is huge just like Facebook. They have new fans that have grown up with these media outlets and in order to appeal to them I think doing things like 'social media smackdown' is necessary. You might not agree with it but it's important from a business standpoint.
  10. I never understood how they could have had that poll when it's a taped show either D:!
  11. Forgot my mandatory response to Twitter-related threads.

    :lol1: Twitter
  12. Just goes to show us how large the smart-mark to casual divide really is if they actually thought this was legit.
  13. Yeah, when they announced the idea on Raw I assumed that Smackdown would be live...but then the next day I saw the reports for the taped event.
    I hear that they were doing this as a test run for a upcoming Raw that they will be doing as social media Raw or something...but don't they already do social media stuff on Raw? Idk.
  14. Yes, they do. I guess they don't feel like they shove social media down our throats enough and want to do it a bit more.
  15. Some of the tweets were just LOLWORTHY :lol1:
  16. i love reading some of the ones on fb just now someone put brock lesnar should of been arrested for attacking mr mcmahon
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