Social Outcasts

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Thunderlips, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. Oh dear these are so bad

    I know they are supposed to be bad and annoying but they are doing a fine job because they are sooooooo bad and annoying

    This is either a stoke of absolute genius or just incredibly awful but i dont want or need these on my screen

    I kinda like Bo Dallas he is very funny but the others are painfull

    Im not sure wether to give them top marks or slate them but any which way they are the most unfunny annoying pointless stars on the show

    Other than that great show
  2. #SocialOutcasts are cool in my book. They're just four guys who [after a long time] are getting some TV time and are having fun out there.

    Plus, I really like their theme song.
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  3. Ill try and look at them that way in future Balor

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  4. I love them. I see them as 4 great wrestlers who fell into hard times and are trying this #SoclalOutcasts thing to revive their careers but they're all so different that they turn out to be lovably stupid.
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