Solar Roads becoming an actual possibility (10% maybe?)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. A few of my hippie buddies linked me this earlier today. So, as in most cases with them, i was very wary to buy into the shit and went back to this insane deal (@deth have i got some insane shit for you bro) I ended up staying up all night from watching.

    Well anyway i got around to this, and this idea is fucking ingenious, and at the very least will be badass for people who live up here in the cold climates for use in long driveways, smaller 1.5 lane roads (Yoopers) and other areas that frequent problems and need road construction anyway. Check it out, my bullshit meter turned off around the time they interview the couple who do it and explain they have Govt funding to work on it.
  2. I can't see this happening for at least a few decades, if not longer than that. I just read an article talking about how much it would cost and how much energy it would consume (three times the energy that America already uses in a year to be exact, and it'd also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, etc.) and how susceptible it would be to flaws. At the moment, I think this is one area where technology isn't needed and we're better off just keeping the roads the way they are for the time being. It's definitely something I can see as a sure thing in the future, though (along with flying vehicles, hotels in the sky, space colonies, teleportation systems, virtual reality, humans with super powers, biological immortality, talking animals, etc... actually, solar roads will certainly arrive much earlier than any of those things will.)
  3. bro maybe where you live it's nice, but in a temp climate such as WI (90summers with 120% humidity with -30 before windchill winters) it would be very possible, even just as they stated for a beginning - country roads, school areas, and private driveways.

    I do agree it will take quite some time, but once people realize their investment pays for itself in 2 years, and then gains them profit for the next 8 at least, it will be picked up. I do expect it to be at least a decade, as gas companies and others will really do their best to shit all over it. For me personally the huge push is for the winter weather deal. The road plows skip a lot of time that gives snow to build, and you would be surprised how much even 20-30degrees outside can clear a road in hours. That is the kind of shit people out here would eat up and then some.
  4. While this idea is AMAZING and I love it... It won't happen. They charge people for water. They aren't going to just give us free electricity. Not to mention the cost it will take to replace all the roads, sidewalks, driveways, ect.
  5. not free electricity, we would get paid to use electricity.
  6. They would pay us or we'd pay them? You lost me lol
  7. watch the vid lady. it gives us 3x the energy we would need to use in our area, including housing.
  8. I did watch it. And I got that but they wouldn't do it unless they can charge us for it. Unless they charge us a one time fee but even then, thats not how bills work in the good ol ' us of a
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  9. Dammit Aids. :mad2:
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