Solomon Crowe - it begins

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    From a house show.
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  2. Holy shit that sounds awesome.
  3. That sounds like a pretty damn good gimmick. Is he gonna come out with Daleks next time?
  4. So, they're gonna go through with that gimmick they tested at the NXT promo practice? Nice, I can't wait to see it come into fruition on NXT TV.
  5. Wow, very awesome.
  6. A tablet? To hack the arena? Really? Maybe its my background in CS but I find that hard to believe, of course this is WWE so I need to remember that bit. Sounds cool though. I wonder, is he good in the ring at all?
  7. He's a beast in the ring, and his promos are top notch.
  8. Cool, excited to see him then
  9. Crowe.....A Tablet.....Hacking the Arena.....
    I can see Crowe being very successful.....Maybe a Feud with Kalisto?
  10. I was cringing at this as well lol. Sounds cool besides that. Do we really need a tablet to explain that wrestlers have magical controls over the arena production? That is one plot hole in wrestling that I would have been able to live with without explanation
  11. ...

    let's not act like this guy is the savior of the company or anything. He is a good brawler with unique promos. I wouldn't really consider him beastly or his promos 'top notch', but you've almost assuredly seen more of him than I so maybe you can provide me with some links that could bring me around
  12. Seems like a good gimmick, and this guy can cut a promo from what I've seen. Seems like a good one.
  13. Not exactly calling him a saviour, just stating what I think of him.
    I've seen him mostly in PWG, but there's no full matches on youtube. There's still previews of it though here (He appears on the shows pre-Ten): and there's a bunch of other matches you can search on Youtube.

    I may have exaggerated with his promos being top-notch, but they are indeed unique.
  14. I like the guy, just not sure what to expect from him in WWE, particularly match wise. From what I've seen for me to enjoy his matches he needs to be working pretty stiff almost strong style matches and I just don't see WWE letting many guys get away with that, not sure if they'll suddenly start making exceptions for him. Although its possible with HHH taking more control in creative direction.
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  15. His moveset will most likely be watered down IMO, same with most indy guys when they come in, unfortunately.
  16. Solomon Crowe the Hacker hmm, if he keeps that face to match with his epic skills in the ring, he'll do fine in NXT.
  17. The Crowe's nest is the greatest name for a evil corporation ever.

    Also, when are Kalisto, Crowe, and Gotch going to appear on NXT TV?!
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  18. Video:

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  19. That is a fun debut!
  20. Del Sol and Callihan in the same ring is just great.

    How come none of us are talking about Kalisto? Lucha! Lucha!
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