News Solomon Working With NXT Diva During House Show

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Dirtsheet, Aug 30, 2015.

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  1. WWE NXT Diva and real life girlfriend of Seth Rollins, Zahra Schreiber, was trending worldwide on Twitter earlier this evening, and one of those reasons are below.

    She debuted a new gimmick as Solomon Crowe’s sister at a WWE NXT live event tonight in Ft. Pierce, FL. Below are photos of Schreiber and Crowe:

  2. Hope they start doing something useful with Crowe soon. The dude seems nowhere to be found on TV these days.
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  3. I'll be surprised if Zahra has a job with WWE by the end of September considering the dirt the fans are digging up on her
  4. If they'd fire Hulk fucking Hogan for racist remarks, Zahra's basically already out. If only she was dating Cena. (maybe)
  5. Debut and retirement match in one
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  6. When was the last time that happened, eh? :smirk2:
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