Solskjaer new manager for Cardiff

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  2. As Much as I hate Tan for Sacking Malky, They've played well until the last 15 minutes in their last 2 games and I'm exited to see what Solskjaer will bring to the team....
    I Hope Solskjaer can get the best out of our players and help us survive the drop.

    I still think Tan is a terrible owner.
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    As a Spurs fan I can feel for you when it comes to changing manager mid season. Although results have been positive under Sherwood so far.
  4. Especially The Manchester United Result.......Brings faith in some of the signings made in the summer. I think Letting Caulker leave to Cardiff was the best decision for them :emoji_slight_smile:

    As for Solskjaer, He's won stuff with Molde and he has that experience that can help us survive.....
  5. We need to make a signing or two during the winter silly's to strengthen the squad, then its all about stability in the squad we have. Talented players, just need to find a system that isn't AVBs. Last night's game was so fun watching, nailbiter.
  6. I'm not always a fan of the Winter Transfer window but at times when you need players to reinforce certain areas, It is a must for most teams.
  7. On the topic of transfers, Mata needs to leave Chelsea, dude needs playtime stat since its world cup year.
  8. Yeah, Mata would be better at a club like Liverpool, Barcelona, Valencia, Athletico Madrid. He'd get Play time, Which he deserves and needs.
  9. I don't see Mourinho letting him go to another PL team this year though. Would have him at Spurs but not too sure on how well he'd fit.
  10. I Think Spurs need to spend money on their Defence. Once they Sell Lamela (Who hasn't done much this season), They can sign Attackers.
  11. We need someone to set up guys like erikson, Adebayor and Soldado in my opinion. Adebayor and Soldado are good strikers, especially Adebayor when motivated. Another strong striker wouldn't be something I'd be against though. But midfield and defence needs strengthening as you pointed out.
  12. Literally no idea why he took this job. No man in the right mind would want to willingly work for Tan... Tan must have said "here's a blank cheque, write your salary" because no person with their wits about them would work for him.
  13. Shows how desperate people are to manage in the PL I guess.

    If Tan gives Ole cash, he should perhaps go for someone like Jonathan Williams.
  14. Excited to see him back in the BPL obviously. I hope it works out for him, and I personally think he's going to become a very talented manager. He has a nice philosophy, one very similar to SAF's - unsurprisingly - and is definitely a manager that will win the players over easily.
  15. I love Ole so hopefully things work out well for him.
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