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  1. Ok what I'm about to disclose here is 100% true and there are a lot of people who are going to say I'm a liar but they're all a bunch of puppets.

    The Crayluminati is dead, that's right. I killed the Crayluminati with my bare hands. It was an intense battle when they invaded my home, but I had all kinds of traps ready, so they dead now.

    However the Soluminati is sill at large! They are a new regime that has taken over the forum and plan to kill us all then take over the world. First and foremost lets look at the new design. I though the layout was grey diamonds but it turns out it's actually a chain link fence! And it's chain link fence to remind us that there is no escape, unless we're Mexican, which is why Jose Tortilla is no longer here as well as Rodrigo.

    I'm still investigating the Soluminati, but they are not to be trusted.
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  3. Isn't Rodrigo Raindust?
  4. Suck it, Solidus.
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  5. Blacks die first.
  6. Death knows no colour.
    Lol JK You Dead. :4/10:
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  7. You mean, you had them invade my house and had a bomb go off. My beautiful thongs :why:
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I voted for Kodos.
  10. lol, what the fuck?
  11. :sad1:
  12. Same old shit! Same old shit! You need some more material wooooo.
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  13. no one cares about you anymore
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  14. My mum does.
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  16. Bingo we have a winner,.Stop do you care about my ramblings?
  17. I'm still waiting on my signed issue of the hardback
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  18. Seabs 1
    Dkfj ( fuck his new name) 7568906 ( he owns me alot but I have one back @Aids celebrate?
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  19. damn, I came for a same old shit chant

    leave satisfied
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