Some 1/15/13 TNA News & Notes

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  1. There is indeed a legitimate bachelor party for Bully Ray that will be filmed in some fashion in NYC to get over the wedding storyline.

    For those who asked where Amazing Red was this past weekend, TNA sources stated he was booked, so obviously something happened there.

    After this week's TV taping, the company is on the road for their annual European tour on the following dates and cities: January 21: Dublin, Ireland

    January 23: Glasgow, Scotland
    January 24: Nottingham, England
    January 25: Manchester, England - Impact taping, 2 episodes
    January 26: London, England - Impact taping, 2 episodes

    Credit to PWInsider
  2. They're coming to my city on the 24th.

  3. Nottingham? Sign up for Gutcheck then, it's on 24th.:otunga:
  4. Yeah. :smug:

    I'm not allowed to participate in any physical activity or sport due to my recent operation until the end of this month at minimum.