Some fuckwits gonna be copping a bullet in the head soon!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Just got home tonight from a mates place and found out somebody had tried setting fire to the fucking house!! My brother said around 11pm he smelt smoke and looked out his window to see this fucking bush on fire. Luckily my brother is in the RFS (Rural Fire Service) so need was able to put it out pretty quick. He found out the cause of it was from a ciggarette butt, I don't believe this though because I haven't seen the butt yet. I'm a smoker myself so if I looked at it I'd be able to tell pretty easily how old the cigarette was. So I'm gonna look at that tomorrow, I reckon a lighter was used for it.

    What's really fucking pissed me off about this though is that we have no idea who the fuck it is. I'm assuming this is the same person who has cut our fence not once but twice making my dog escape and also the person who has just been doing other little shit but is to much of a fucking skirt to grow some balls and have a go.

    We've already contacted the police and they won't do fucking anything about it so if I find out who this is I'm gonna be rounding up a few of my mates and we'll be taking ourselves with bats to this ****s house to teach him a fucking lesson.

    What worried me more though is the fact only my brother was at home and all the lights were off so they must of thought nobody was at home and if nobody was at home there goes everything.

    I'm gonna find out who this is and I will ruin their life completely.

    Sorry to say all this to you guys but I just need to fucking vent.
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  3. I find it hard to believe police won't do anything against an attempted arson.

    Either way, doing what you said you're going to do will just result in you getting arrested for a small bush fire. Is it worth it?
  4. I believe so. They want to try take away my home and risk the lives of my family then I have no problem smacking a bat over there head and crippling them.
  5. How do you know this is not an accident then? Don't jump to conclusions just because you've had some kids cutting your fence and playing pranks. It's a very steep step from cutting fences to arson.
  6. I don't, the police do fuck all in the UK, you ring them up, you tell them, and they just say it was probably nothing, or, do you have any evidence? :facepalm1:
  7. If this wasn't in UK, I'd come down to help you brother. Punk ass bitches.
  8. To clarify. William doesn't live in the UK. He lives in Australia.
  9. Because they would have to walk up there to light it, Flicking a cigarette butt from the street would not even come close to the house, You'd need to be right up at the house to get it lighting where it was and fires don't just start randomly on winter nights also?

    Also I live in Australia.

    And the cops up here are practically useless, They won't do fucking shit about anything, I called them about the fence being cut, They came up had a look and were talking inside when they noticed a hole in the wall and asked where it came from and tried turning everything on me and even asked my mum if she wanted to press charges for malicious damage! :dafuq: They're fucking pigs.
  10. No they aren't, they are doing their job. I have friends who are police officers and are studying to be police officers. That is standard procedure. Unless you have water tight proof they will question from both sides and check up on things. Especially if one sounds aggressive when suggesting who has done it. Also you have stated that you have had multiple school suspensions. They have those kinds of things on file and those things sadly weigh into their judgement. Someone known as a trouble maker will have to present fool proof evidence.
  11. They're not doing their job. Their job is to help people, Trying to arrest somebody who called you for help for somebody damaging your property is not doing your job it's being a fucking scum bag. Pigs are fucking useless, If you don't do something yourself nobody else will.
  12. People stop posting here, stuff like this becomes case material when it gets down to it. Dude william not a great deal but consider getting outdoor cameras and spotlights. Kid are terrible, but threats are seriously overdoing it. Just catch the kids in the act, and give them a citizens arrest.
  13. I'll give em a citizens kick to the throat?
  14. Really?
    Attempted murder and GBH charges for a bush fire that didn't even smash a window from the heat.

    Stop over reacting and trying to look 'hard'
  15. And go to jail for it? Is that really worth it. You are over reacting to a situation you honestly cannot even proof is planned fire. You need fool proof evidence that someone actually sat that bush on fire. Those cops did their job and if you sounded as aggressive talking to them as you do on here they did their job in questioning you. They have to check every angle.
  16. This is perhaps one of the most stupid things I've ever read.
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