Some Good News & Some Bad News

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jul 31, 2014.

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  2. Tito is good news? Really?
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  3. Can Tito actually wrestle though?
  4. Most MMA fighters transition 'well' to pro wrestling if they work at it.
    Worst case scenario, they cant wrestle but they are ace as f*** character wise
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  5. Hell no man, hell no. Out of King Mo, Rampage & Tito - King Mo is the only one that has actually been training wrestling for good, mostly in OVW. And I'm hearing he's improving and ain't bad at all.

    Bad news was Tito coming, good news was Rampage being gone forever, lol. Not the other way around!
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  6. Now we're on the same page. Tito can just do one, Can't stand that cat.
  7. Yeah, fucking potato head of his. This date last year, he returned to TNA:

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  8. I saw him a couple of times during his run last time- I don't remember him actually doing anything, besides standing about trying not to look like the massive chump that he is.
  9. LolRampage goes off on TNA:

    Is Rampage a retard or what? Rampage vs. Angle was schedule to happen at BFG, but I clearly doubt it's TNA's fault that Angle got drunk and drove into a tree lol, thus the match getting cancelled. Even after BFG, Spike and Bellator were the ones who pulled him and Tito off of Impact, not TNA.

    I guess he thinks he's worth like a billion $ and should've been main eventing Impacts, even though he has zero wrestling training and can't talk for shit. Typical mentality of a has-been that thinks he's worth more than he really is. Or in this case, he thinks because he's an MMA dog, he's bigger than pro wrestling all together, lawlz.
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  10. Rampage has always talked utter shit and generally been a tool.
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  11. The only good thing about this video was Mr. Anderson's expressions.
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  12. LOL, Anderson. That was the moment when he saw into the not-so-distant future and saw the end of TNA himself. He didn't even give 2 shits about Ortiz, nobody did, and they hyped this up to be the big badass reveal. My ass it was.
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  13. Ortiz might have been an exciting addition if he would have still been relevant in UFC. He was out injured for a long time and when he did return, he lost more than he won.
  14. Oh and if you don't watch UFC, you still don't know what his name even is. He stood there staring at the A&8s and the MEM while the commentators facepalmed. Not even "Tito Ortiz" on the screen or a word from the man himself :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I wish August 1 Warning was Batista or Goldberg, damn it.
  15. I remember Anderson not giving a single damn about this. Great times, great times. :dawg:
    The less MMA in my pro wrestling the better! (except for Brock because he's actually good)
  16. MMA dudes tend to have a good look. That goes further in this business than work rate on TV.
  17. $10 says Rampage slept with @Testify 's sister
  18. here's $15 I fucked your entire female portion of family and let me throw in another $7.5 I fucked Rampage's mum
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