Some guy tried scamming me on ebay...So I got most of his info and...

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  1. I'm about to report him to the FBI for fraudulent activity's. Now I know a lot of you will not believe me so how about I give you some proof without disclosing his address? :emoji_slight_smile:

    I was selling my iPhone 3GS on eBay, this guy chose the buy it now for $200 and when he "pays" for it, it says he has added another $100 to the payment so he could get the item before Christmas. At first I thought yeah whatever, probably more money for me but then when I went to my paypal account to check that it had gone through there was nothing there, not even a pending status or something. This is a photo of the email he sent me pretending to be paypal + ebay.

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    Above are the emails from both the "Ebay" and "Paypal" account. I checked the email source and saw that the sending IP were both the exact same, I decided this guy might be stupid and checked his email and he had the exact same IP as these 2 emails did as well. So I did a Whois look up and found out these things.
    Country: United States
    Region: Washington
    City: Redmond
    Latitude Location: 47.6742
    Longitude Location: -122.1206
    Postal Code: 98052
    Area Code: 425

    He asked me in an email to send the gifts to Nigeria so that it would be a "Christmas present" for a friend. So I am thinking that he may have another person involved who has the things sent to them so he doesn't get caught directly. So I'm going to look some things up about the address given to me and hopefully he's stupid and doesn't have a dropbox place because if they did it would be extremely hard to catch the second one. I'm just getting a few final details and then I'll be reporting him to the FBI :emoji_slight_smile: Believe it or not I'm actually pretty proud of myself for getting this information and possibly helping to stop other people being scammed.

    I guess he chose the wrong guy to try scam :pity1:
  2. You honestly think he isn't using a mass email sender or behind a VPN? He's commiting fraud, he isn't a skid on HF.

    Also, the FBI won't do shit about it. They have better things to do. These nigerian scammers are everywhere, most of the time they are actually in Nigera, the address you have is more than likely where the VPN server is.

    So really you don't have anything.
  3. If that's the location of the server then they could get the logs from there.

    Also I met him through selling my phone on eBay and he tried to scam me so it isn't a mass email sender. I do believe now that he is on a proxy or VPN and put that in my report and gave the details he gave me for the shipping information to the FBI in my report because I know for a fact this guy has acted more then once.
  4. Lol Nigerians can't afford to give out iPhones as Christmas present. Obvious scam.
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