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  1. Looking at active members, there are a decent amount of members signed up to the forum, but there are a fraction who remain active here.

    So I was thinking of things, maybe they have been suggested before, but anyway:

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    We have the member of the month, but perhaps we could have a page where "champions" reside. Champions I would have is top poster (can be monthly), Pro Wrestling Champion - Most HQ posts in the RAW, Smackdown, TNA..... Sections in a given period.

    Drawbacks I see:
    1. Administration - Involves a lot swapping the member and such. Can be annoying to handle this.

    2. Championships confused as awards - May take prestige from awards


    How to resolve the drawbacks:
    1. Administration - Have the championships able to change once a month, therefore only makes changes once a month

    2. Championships confused as awards - Having no box for the awards will preserve the prestige of them, also I see this as an encouragement to be active on the forum, so for those forumers who appear once every few days will try to become more active

    More Awards:
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    Game developers struck onto a big idea that a lot of gamers strive for, if your an XBOX player - Achievements, PS3 - Trophies. Awards encourage again.

    Drawbacks I see:

    1. Small Forum - As we are a small forum, perhaps adding more awards would be doing something in the near future.

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    This was suggested before, and I know Crayo is looking into it before he commits to it, but I see a blog would massively improve the forum, both attracting new users and enhancing the experience of the current base of members. If the blog is run where a member is responsible for it, and members can hand in potential blog posts. There is another way to encourage more HQ posts is if the member responsible for the blog "promotes to article" which would be a blog post on the thread posted, example being someone posting a prediction for the WWE Title, members could chime in with a HQ prediction, and this is then compiled into a blog post.

    Drawbacks I see:

    1. Possible arguments - Whoever Admin select to run the blog, if they reject someone's potential article, could cause arguments between people

    2. Who would run the blog - Would need someone who could handle the posts and compile HQ articles

    3. Commitment - Admin said they are looking into it and will make a decision on this when they have weighed up the benefits vs detriments.

    How to overcome:

    1. Possible Arguments - Tolerance must be adapted or anyone can post

    2. Who would run the blog - This I believe is down to the admin, however I think a nomination and vote should be put in

    3. Commitment - Up to Admin, no way to overcome it.

    Purchasable Userbar:
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    People could purchase a new userbar for themselves, they would have to give a design in instead of relying on admin to sort out a userbar. This would add more money for site additions for something that is free to MyBB

    Drawbacks I See:
    1. Group = If I am correct, each userbar is for a group, so for this to work, multiple groups would need to be made if people wanted their own userbar which could result in clutter groups

    2. Too many userbars = Like it happened with groups, this could happen with userbars, where there is too many unique userbars that may takeover the Legends & Superstar userbars


    2. Too many userbars = They would need to meet criteria before being eligible to do so. Example: They would need X amount of days online, X amount of posts, X amount of rep, X amount of activity

    Just a few suggestions, some have been mentioned before I am sure, and a few have been discussed
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  2. That is one of the greatest suggestion posts, I've ever seen. Liked.

    I also agree with you on the championships & the blog.
  3. Championships: A great idea I was already looking into, but I would prefer it to be sort of automatic and as a plugin, I'll speak to potential developers. Can you reply with what it would be like in detail so I can pass it on to the developers?

    Blog: It wouldn't help us gain registrations or get us traffic, something like a blog would really only be a benefit to our current users. We discuss everything on the forum so it would just be duplicate content on the blog in my opinion. Too much effort for such little reward.

    Userbars: Unless we made it really expensive it would be too many userbars/effort (in making them) which would outweigh the benefits. I'm not a fan of monetizing the site to the extremes.
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