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    I really like the new era of wrestling
    As a attitude era fan of wrestling and a fan of ECW and WCW in their primes and CZW they can build of some amazing talent that they have now.
    I was not around during the 80s to see the greatness of wrestling from that time but it is good to have youtube and all of that to experience the matches that way.
    Some of the wrestlers remind me of that era of wrestling but with forced lines and watered down personalities and almost boy band rich people who will not get dirt on their shirt, they should have more freedom with what they do.

    Fav new era wrestlers
    Dean Ambrose
    Baron Corbin
    Kevin Owens
    All of these wrestlers could of existed in the older era.

    Al Snow
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    Terry Funk and many more

    There is a few things missing in the new era that should make a come back.
    Aggressive punching and speed wrestling. Put some emotion into hits guys
    this is half the speed of the wrestlers hits and half the people taking bumps and reacting to it in an extreme manner.
    These guys did it the new era can do it.

    Look how Kane and Big show are throwing blows at each other I feel like the new era is slower than that.
    You could have slow times but these new guys have the speed they can use it it would be a waste for them not to use it.
    The american alpha debut looked like they were doing this for a bit but then it went to New era waiting.
    WWE new era is too predictable you need to bring the unpredictability back.
    A good way to do this that the new era is not doing is instead of having people that you talk about on the show come out and attack someone and screw up a match.
    Make people attack randomly without any thing letting the fans know a wrestler is coming out.
    It is always the person that they will be facing that comes out it is never someone who is powerhungry and wants to destroy everyone who is in their way.

    With the whole sheamus thing with him not liking new era wrestlers why didnt you guys just let him go nuts and attack every new era wrestler, then he teams up with the likes of randy orton and john cena and other known wrestlers to attack the new era.
    There is a total thing that you guys screwed up on with that

    In a match in a new era you see a person get hit by anything and he is just laying out for the count where attitude guys come right back up and fight or take another hit.
    That also needs to make a come back.
    In the new era when there is a fatal foreway match 2 people will get knocked out and two people will face in the ring and it gets boring quick.

    Also In the new era they are using weapons barricades and everything but it is like a whole match goes on and the pinnacle is the weapon or the use of barricades. Instead it should be a random ordeal there should be one match where one person uses a weapon and gets really hurt orit should be the opposite where they just keep on piling up more hits and it gets faster and crazier and everything in between.
    Have non ringside things that happen like.
    Remember when Stephanie screwed over stone cold in 01 and then william regal is waiting outside and stone cold sneaks up on him and runs him into a garbage dump?
    Then william regal is taken away from the event in an ambulance

    I thought in the new era something like that was going to happen with kevin owens vs sami zayn but it was extremely lackluster.
    No emotion from Owens for losing he is just like
    OK i am going to go lose to the next guy and have no emotion.

    The wyatt thing with the new day was cool but I feel like they could of added more to it.
    Now it is another emotionless thing
    You are teasing people and giving them blueballs wwe
    If you create something you need to end it as well.

    They need to stop doing the same stuff like have the wrestlers main person he is going to fight at the next ppv be a guest announcer. Make wrestlers do random ingenious things like hide a wrestler behind a barricade and if someone throws him make the wrestler jump out. This can be done in a million ways that the wwe has not done yet.

    Also the poppy rock intros kinda kill off theme songs. If you have a theme song make something that stands out atleast like this.

    These could be high powered intros for amazing in your face talent.
    I mean it is not the grunge era anymore but the music is more moving then the current music being provided.

    There are other genres that can get love like death metal
    black metal
    I AM GLAD YOU ADDED a ska person sami zayn
    indie music
    meme music
    anything alternative would be loved by the alternative group of people because that era is still a major part of us people and it will show new fans new things that they never seen before.
    There is many more genres that can be talked about it is 2016
    I am ignorant to them because I follow the alternative.
    Kevin Owens
    Dean Ambrose
    Seth Rollins
    Bray Wyatt

    And I personally love the golden truth intro
    Have great theme songs there could be improvements with other wrestlers

    Hardcore Belt needs to come back and do not change it.
    Make both SD and RAW compete for it
    I think dean ambrose should have the wwe title and the hardcore and he goes through a crazy hardcore match to get it.
    So he is walking around with two titles for a bit.

    Some gimmicks that would be good wrestlers in this era I think are.

    A hipster with the newest technology and has a collection of vinyls who is cooler than you and liked everything before you and listens to soft bands like radiohead and neutral milk hotel. Who is a millennial know it all and is an idiot-personality like the miz

    Well since marijuana is getting legalized - a stoner

    A SJW tag team that consists of a girl who is extremely manly and a man who is extremly womanly.
    The Girl would be all buff and huge and tall and act like a dude and The guy would be very skinny and very feminine would wear makeup and dress in girls stuff and have extreme emotions. They should win the tag team championship and try to start taking control of the whole WWE with new rules that only benefits them and then they break away from each other and the buff chick goes against only men and the dude only goes against women and they will do things like want a gender neutral bathroom so they can change and ONLY they are allowed in there at first. Then half way into battling their opposite genders they get sex changes. This would be highly entertaining.

    A hacker group or person who uses technology to win against people or tries to control matches and cause technical difficulties at wrestling shows. Lights flickering, announce people glitching out and recieving their message, intros for other wrestling glitching out and they overtake the video that is being played. And they are about freeing people from influence from the mcmahons or whoever has control or whoever they do not like. Example Shane or Steph come out and say they have a surprise on the wwe network or the WWE page that they wanted to give the fans or a wrestler or something. And they Hack the page so they broadcast a message or they do not allow access to this information. They could even do something crazy like make a show free by making tickets digital and giving them away. This could be staged by the wwe and shane and steph would act pissed and ask everyone to leave or it could go many ways.

    Poor person- Everyone has pristine faces and perfect looks it is time to change that to make the appeal for everyone.

    you could make a different wrestler for every music genre I put up on that above list.

    You can also do a BLM vs Police thing too. With the BLM making their own police and then they fight and after they become one huge group of people who want to change wwe just like the hackers.

    Maybe a internet team that researches everything on the internet that will give you facts about things you do not care about and they want you to pay attention to the details that they give you.

    The MEME TEAM - tag team that is based off meme things everything about them is a meme they are a meme team. MEME team aka joke team when you listen to meme music you listen to joke music. This tagteam will make internet memes about the wwe and spam you with their created memes. They will spam their memes whenever they can. They will spam pictures they have made at innapropriate times. memes can be catchphrases twitter accounts and everything in the WWE universe. They could have a group of cats as part of their intro and their music is not really serious but it is modern and jokey.

    The lightbringer-alchemist-new ager dude.
    Have a gimmick kinda serious kinda lighthearted, where there is a guy who talks like a new ager. He is a student of esoteric arts. He is the most passive respectful guy but if you interrupt what he is doing or do something not good he will turn mad and become a crazy wrestler. Calls himself a lightworker and he is bringing light to a dark land. Talks about being one of the best wrestlers in a past life and he is trying to figure out who he was. Have him do stuff like bring runes or rocks that energizes him to the ring. Kind of like a kung-fu master. He will meditate and talk about chakras. He will talk about being one with the universe and that he will raise his vibration by wrestling. He will chant he will use his conscious to determine outcomes of matches or what he should do. He will predict things right before they happen. He will telepathically talk to people and influence them so that he rises up. Even convincing them that they are talking to a different person. He will say he is a fourth dimensional being. He will look to the skies and see how the stars are aligned and he will act upon that. One funny thing that would be funny him is if he comes to the ring meditates and someone comes out and hits him and then he goes apeshit.

    Normal kid looking for a job
    A homeless looking guy or chick looking for food in a dump. Shane or stephanie sees them hires them as a janitor or the guy who gets coffee
    for people. Everyone pushes him around like a doormat. He dreams about becoming a wrestler. He gets better work and better promotions and someone sets him over the edge and takes that person out and he becomes a wrestler after that while going back to his old work.

    Internet-video-video-game person
    Person on youtube or on twitch loves wrestling so much they make entertainment talking or playing games.
    Video gamer plays as himself and becomes the wwe champion. A real wrestler challenges them to a video game match and the guy loses comes over beats the crap out of them. He then goes to the wrestler attacks him.
    Or the same dude is playing a virtual reality game and its a wrestling game he has the occulus on or htc vive and a real wrestler comes in and does a move on him and the player freaks out because he thinks its so *real*

    The same idea can work with someone like wrestling with wregret where it is a normal joe and there is a response to the person for a challenge.
    Feature those people and make them wrestlers they have a love for WWE

    This is a way to get more internet presence wink wink nudge nudge.

    Another good way to do that is just go to say that you are selling a ticket for smackdown or raw and you call them up with a nobody to meet them somewhere and you spend time with them food and give them free tickets.
    YOU do not announce that you are doing that say happened earlier today on the live TV show. Then when the real event comes on tv you feature those people who you gave the tickets too and acknowledge them and thank them.
    also twitch streams with questions answers or hanging out with twitch people who play WWE2K16-17
    or even a AMA live stream on show talking to reddit, or 4chan, or getting on a discord server and talking to your fans.

    You guys took the idea of the whole thing with make america great again and gave it to darren young. I was thinking about this before that was even a thing and I pat you guys on the back for that one.

    That is all I got for now I will think of more and post them

    Hope the wwe reads this.

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  2. That was quite the read there, good HQ post. :obama:

    As for what you mentioned, I too like the direction they are heading. There is no reason they can't add more to it. It doesn't need to go full blown TV 14/mature again to have some key things that made the attitude era enjoyable.

    To be frank, the attitude era was a mess but it was covered up well by the fact that it was not predictable. Now, we have organization but it is too predictable. I like the idea of bringing back more emotion to the ring and in the matches, specially with feuds. It seems like they feel the need to blanket the baby with everything out of fear of offending someone. They need to allow the wrestlers to have creative control over more of what their in-ring personas say and do. Yes, they can't just let them do what they want but I think allowing some more freedom will do them some good. If I can't get invested in a gimmick, I can't get invested in a match. That is just how I am and I think a lot of fans are that way. It is the same for a feud. If you have two guys going at it with little to no emotion before, during, or after... It is easy to lose interest. I think KO, for example, should have flipped out after taking that loss.

    :yes: :catshock2::gingercat::kitler:
  3. Oh man your a cat lady, I am a cat man myself. Thank you for responding and reading my post.
    I agree completely. I am sorry I am adding more after you responded I literally came up with ideas like while I was taking a shower downstairs and I cannot do anything about it but wait.
    I liked that mess it was a nice mess. When you were young and nothing literally was on the TV for you you turned on RAW and you had the time of your life haha. I think they might go back to offending people again but in a subtle and based off the real world way. That is my prediction that is why I added a couple of the ideas. The problem is that I noticed is the fact that they have lines but a lot of people have been flubbing so much that they probably practice it 100 times correctly and get nervous when they get in the ring and fuck it up. I believe that they will be easing them into more freedom after dealing with all these lines. KO and SAMI are great wrestlers and they put on a good show, and like you said and I agree I would be more invested in their feud if they showed more connection between things.
    I think we are dealing with a new kind of mess in the WWE one that is predictable and tries to hard to have weird endings that could be avoided if they changed it up a little bit. WITH nothing in between people. I do not know how they will fix this mess
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  4. Cats > People :kitler:

    And yeah I think them being predictable is a universal complaint. The mess ups on the mic seem to only be getting worse. It seems to happen every show now, even the announcers are messing up more. If they don't let the wrestlers get more freedom their gimmicks pay for it. Like when Roman tries reading a scripted promo it is painfully obvious.
  5. alice in chains - we die young
    should have been the new raw theme.
  6. I think the new RAW theme song is fine.

    They should've gotten something better for SmackDown, though. That song by CFO$ is garbage.
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