Some Meltzer news on the big 3

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  1. Typical Meltzer article where he doesn't say anything whilst typing a lot.

  2. A full NXT invasion will only be good if it's lead by those three and managed by Heyman or something. I don't want guys like Ambrose amongst many many others and being drowned out, he's too good for that.
  3. They shouldn't push up guys that aren't ready either. Let it be these three and maybe Ohno and a powerhouse monster like say Big E and you're good.
  4. (with Ambrose leading) :smug:
  5. I honestly don't care who leads as long as everyone is utilized to their strengths and given equal chance to succeed.
  6. Would be very nice to see. Curious to see where they're going with this.
  7. I just keep marking when I see my sig. So pumped for RAW.
  8. I mark for mine as well just because Ricardo. Ricardo vs Ambrose mic battle
  9. I will be watching Raw live tonight as well.
  10. :yes:
  11. Hey Ambrose fan right there, you seen him on indys as Moxley? :downer:
  12. Anybody think Team Hell No gets jumped tonight by Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron?

  13. That would probably cause me to do a Jerry Lawler out of joy
  14. If Meltzer's reports are full of shit and don't say anything, then why even post them here? :dawg:
  15. Sadly he is one of the biggest news sources in wrestling. Whilst he i no where near a solid run with correct news and predictions he is the closest we have to an authority
  16. Beats me too.:bury:

    Not sure if serious, but my late grandma has more "sources" than him (God rest her soul).

    Mike Johnson (PWInsider), Jason Powell (, also awful reporter ocassionally) and possibly Wade Keller (PWTorch, who is sometimes worse than ****zer) are the best inside sources for the internet. PWMania is good too.
  17. Yes, he was incredible.

    Great post. THIS.

    (quoted you so many times today)
  18. No problemo amigo, you are welcome! After all though, I am the face of this forum.:maybe:
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